Thursday, March 16, 2017

Shit Show Thursday: Non-Trump Part 1

Welcome to the Shit Show! Where the idiocy of life is on full view.

The NCAA Basketball Tourny starts today (go Bruins!), so I must be quick about this.

1. Texas - Good God!

The Texas Legislature is deep into it's attempt to mimic North Carolina and pass a Transgender Bathroom bill that will require you to produce a birth certificate to pee.

This is the same state that just freaked out when a boy competed in a girl's wrestling tournament and won. The young man had no choice, since he was born a girl. He wanted to wrestle in the boy's tournament, the school and parents wanted him to wrestle with the boys since he was on testosterone - but the state ruled that he was born a girl - proving the state is the perfect agent to decide this (link).

Texas Legislature, busy making sure that Mark here uses the Ladies Room the rest of his life.
Now the legislature is trying to make sure that he only uses the Ladies Room for the rest of his life - or until he leaves the state.

On the other hand, the legislature will not release the funds to investigate rape (link). They want to go to crowd sourcing for the investigation of RAPE. Crowdsourcing is something you do when a friend's house burns down - not when you have a legal obligation to investigate crimes.  But Texas is too busy legislating that young Mark uses the ladies room the rest of his life to investigate something as petty as rape.

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