Thursday, March 16, 2017

Shit Show Thursday - Non Trump Part 2

Israel has it's panties in a bunch because the UN says that it practices Apartheid, that is - a system of separation by race (link).

I get the word "Apartheid" has some bad connotations, but what word would you like, "Jim Crow"?

It is the 60 anniversary of Israel's occupation of the West Bank. The VAST majority of those living there, were born there. And the country has a completely different set of laws for them. Different and separate - apart (which - wildly enough is the what the world "Apart-heid" is based on.

Palestinians cannot vote - other than on their penned in homelands... They cannot travel freely. Their property is taken at will for settlements: best case is pennies on  the dollar and they have no new home. What would you call it?

In Gaza, Israel allows in no building materials and only enough food to cover basic nutritional value - up to 2,000 calories per person - as decided by Israeli Military. Movement is limited and their labor is exploited.

Here is the road system in Israel...

In the most obvious example - here is a map of South African, when they established "self-governing homelands" for the black Africans to be penned on.

And here is a map of the occupied parts of Israel where the Palestinians have areas they are penned on.
The entire country is not shown - only those areas where Israel is considering some sort of home rule for Palestinians

Apartheid seems to be the nicest word possible. It makes you sound like you have some plan rather than none.

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