Sunday, April 02, 2017

Mascot of the Month: James Wong Howe

Yesterday, Ed, Randy and I went to the Museum of Chinese Americans. It was fascinating on a lot of levels. I'll write more later.

There, I learned about today's Mascot of the Month, James Wong Howe.

O the Beach During the Silent Era

Mr. Howe was a Cinematographer in the movies from 1923 to 1975! He won two Academy Awards - for Hud and The Rose Tattoo - and perfected the art of keeping the foreground and background in focus (deep focus photography).

Stunning Still from Hud with Paul Newman

(l-r) Tennessee Williams, Jame Howe and Burt Lancaster during the filming of the Rose Tattoo
In addition to Hud and The Rose Tattoo, Mr. Howe was the Director of Photograph of one of my favorite pictures, The Thin Man!
Director of Photography on The Thin Man!
 With Barbara Streisand on the set of his final picture Funny Lady.

 What a great, varied and longset of movies!
Silent Film Peter Pan

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Focused in Wisconsin said...

I LOVE that you referenced deep focus mise en scene. It is one of those cinematic techniques that I really enjoy identifying in movies....old and new. And, it's just fun to say....mise en scene, mise en scene. Say it with me, mise en scene.