Friday, April 14, 2017

Now I've Seen Everything...

There is a Friends episode (in Season 2 I think) where Phoebe is haunted / inhabited by the spirit of a recently departed Jewish old woman that doesn't want to leave the Earth until she has seen EVERYTHING. It is funny and Phoebe thinks she has a ghost for life, but they they go to a lesbian wedding (in the 1990s) and the old woman says "Now, I've seen everything!" and her spirit leaves.

I think this every now and then.  And then I learn MORE.

I was surprised to learn about "furries" a while back.  These are adults who enjoy dressing in animal / cartoon costumes and socializing together. On both a social level and, often, a sexual level. To which I say, "Okay...  not my thing, but more power to you. And you're lucky you live in the time of the internet, when the web helps you all find each other." In my brain, this wasn't much of a group event before the Internet.

And I remember thinking, now I've seen everything.

And, just like that, along comes a WTF moment. There was a story this morning - seriously - about a group of Furry Neo-Nazis taking over Fur-Con in Denver (yes you read that right).  And no, not an April's Fool's Joke.

This is "Foxler", and the resemblance to "Hitler" is purely accidental according to him. WTF!

And all I can think is "Now I've seen everything!", but I know I'll be surprised soon.

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