Saturday, April 07, 2018

Penn State ... Football?

I enjoy going to see football games at different colleges.  It is a lot of fun. The pageantry, the rivalry, then general fun day. And one of the colleges I have always wanted to go to is Penn State.

Next year Wisconsin is playing there, and so here is the perfect opportunity.  ... But ...

The Sandusky child criminal acts, and Joe Paterno hero worship hang over any football game there. Now, in many ways, it shouldn't. The kids playing football now, most weren't born when it happened. Joe Paterno is long dead.

But the school community and board of directors continues to defend and worship JoPa. They re-unveiled a statue to the man that let a 50 year old friend of his fondle and assault children in the locker room. And the school and student blithely defend him.

So I sure would like to see the Badgers kick Penn State's ass.


Anonymous said...

yeah --- As you know, I typically take in one Badger road game each year (last year was MN where it was great to enjoy some Badger ass kicking and beers with you). Anywho...we ever so briefly considered the PSU matchup but decided to forego it for the same reasons. And, Iowa is a lot closer and cheaper.

See you in Iowa City?????

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