Friday, July 13, 2018

Breaking Things Is Easier

President Trump loves to Break Things...

So far
  • He has broken our agreement with Iran.
    • Despite promises, nothing has replaced it and we are not talking to Iran
  • He has broken the US pledge in the Paris Climate Accords 
    • Again, no talks to replace it with a bigger and better climate accord
  • He is trying to break the Affordable Care Act - and is breaking the parts he can.
    • To date, no work on his "great big beautiful plan that will cover everyone and will be really easy to implement".
  • He is trying to break NAFTA, NATO, Department of Justice, FBI and the Media - all with varying less of partial success
What he doesn't do is fix anything. He hasn't fixed anything except to work with Congress to give a giant tax break to rich people and corporations. He is like your crazy uncle that takes things apart then loses interest.

PS -Everything goes down easier with a little Calvin and Hobbs

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