Tuesday, July 10, 2018

New Supreme Court Appointment

Brett Kavanaugh will very probably be our next Supreme Court Justice. It is odd to see the Democratic party and some very conservatives rallying against this pick. (If they actually do derail him, the next pick will be just as bad or worse. This isn't a fight we can win after the fact.)

For the conservatives, he isn't conservative enough. In particular when he ruled the Affordable Care Act illegal, he didn't describe it as un-constititutional. And when he turned down an 17 year old immigrant's access to abortion, he said the state wasn't required to allow it, not that abortion should never be allowed.

For Democrats, there is a massive hub-bub to protect women's control over their own bodies and voting rights. Too late. We should have voted.

That goes particularly out to you in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.  In the fair is fair world though, you are losing your rights to your bodies first, so maybe this is what you wanted.

In any case, 75,000 of you in MI, PA and WI screwed the rest of the country's lives up. Don't blame my ass, I was part of the extra 3,000,000 Americans that voted for Hillary.

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