Monday, January 15, 2018

How The Hell Did We Get to This Shithole? (Sorry "shithouse")

Let's take a quick look at the way a tale of Trump ineptness rolls out, that screws Americans.

Jan 3 - Leaks emerge about the new book Fire and Fury

Jan 4 - Trumps threatens to sue publishers, writer and anyone close to the book

Jan 5 - Book is released

Jan 6 - Trump tweets that he is not only a "genius",  but a "very stable genius" (VSG)

Jan 8 - To prove that he is a very stable genius, he hosts a meeting on immigration where he lets the cameras in. During this meeting, the VSG changes position on DACA at least twice (DACA refers to children who were brought into the country when they were under 12 - and have been crime free since - they have been free from deportation, until Trump turned that back and gave Congress 6 months to fix it.
Ultimately VSG Trump told the participants that if they can come up with a plan - he'll sign off and take the heat.

Jan 10 - Senators Durbin (D) and Graham (R) present the Senate DACA / Immigration compromise.
Trump is livid. Although he gets some border security fencing, an end to family reconciliation immigration and the visa lottery - the plan includes giving green cards to some people here for humanitarian reasons from Haiti, El Salvador and Nigeria.
Trump asks, repeatedly, why we are letting immigrants in from these "shithole countries"

Jan 11 - White House does not deny comment. Durbin and Graham acknowledge he said this.

Jan 12 - Republican Senators Cotton (R) and Purdue (R) can't remember what they heard

Jan 13 - Preident gets into a twitter war with the Wall Street Journal over whether he said "I probably have" a good relationship with little Rocket Man or "I'd probably have". Petty semantics overblown, because we actually do know what you meant there.

Jan 14th - President golfs for 71st in year 1 (taxpayers paying - as always - to golf at a Trump facility.)

Jan 15 - Senators Cotton (R) and Purdue (R) now say they do remember and the President definately did not say "shithole countries".
- After much pushback, a leaker from the White House informs the press that OUR VSG President Tiny Hands now claims he said "shithouse countries" not "shithole countries" - hence the press and Senators Durbin (D) and Graham (R) are lying.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Late To The Party - But I Was Impressed with Dead Wake

For some reason, most of Erik Larson's books don't resonate with me.  White City and Thunderstruck are good books and he does a great job of mixing history with a salacious story usually, but it just doesn't really float my boat (get it).

On the other hand, I loved Dead Wake. I just finished it (after putting down Mr. Larson's books for a while). It is less breathless, but somehow more immediate for me. You know the Lusitania is going down and it helps push the US into war, but the volume of stories he has found is amazing.

Sure there is a little President Wilson side-story that is Danielle Steele-lite, but I could put up with that. It is a very cool book.

The U-boat story is captivating and the stories of the passengers touching.

THIS is why the best laid plans go astray...

I don't want to respond to every stupid ass comment President tiny hands makes. I KNOW that he is lying or stupid (or gets all his information form Fox News).  But still - things like this make my head explode.

Let's take this ONE TWEET - which the President and his team says are official US Policy - and look at it.

The "Reason I canceled my trip to London..." this isn't true. He cancelled because he didn't want to be protested. I don't call this a lie, because while I can speculate on his reasoning, it is beyond anyone to follow it.

"...Obama Administration having sold perhaps the best located and finest embassy in London..." LIE. The decisions was made by the Bush Administration before Obama was even elected, because of the inability to secure the centrally located embassy in London.

"...for "peanuts",..." LIE.  Actually the cost of the new embassy was very expensive, but it was entirely funded by sales of US properties in London.

"...only to build a new one in an off location..." LIE. The new embassy is closer to the official British government buildings, including walking distance to British intelligence agencies.

"Bad deal" LIE - In fact while the US owned the old embassy building, we did not own the land under it. It could not be secured, it was farther from British working government offices and was in the congestion pricing program, where we racked up $15 million dollars in fines.

And this was 1 of over a dozen tweets including ones where he said:
  • "The Democrats seem intent on having people and drugs pour into our country..."  Yeah, that's what we believe in.
  • "The language used by me in the DACA meeting was tough, but this was not the language used."  Which, despite being an inept sentence seems to indicate he is trying to say he didn't use the words "shithole countries", which would be a LIE.
It's exhausting and painful to not comment on our liar in chief - hand size not withstanding.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

No, "Treason" is actually defined in our constitution

The President said an FBI agent committed "treason" by sending nasty tweets about him.

Actually no. Treason, in the United States, is actually defined in the Constitution (which the President pretends to honor).

It is only in shithole countries where the President gets to call out treason in a temper tantrum designed to move the conversation from his comments about shithole countries.

link (see Article III, Section 3)

Stay Classy America

I think it is stupid when the network news can't report what the President said, because it is too crude for television.  This Pussy-grabber is who we elected!  But his profane rants on the news for everyone to hear.
This guy is the President of the United States! If he is our voice to the world, Norway and shithole countries, then broadcast it so we can all be proud of our racist narcissistic sociopath.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Bad Idea

This is Eddie - he is my barber at the Gotham City Barber Shop.

Today, I wanted to be sure the cut was right so I wore my contacts so I could see what was going on. This shop is new since we moved down here. 

BIG MISTAKE.  All I could see was that old man in the mirror. I was stunned how freaking old I looked. #INeedANeckLift

Never again

The Daily Amount of Bullshit is Exhausting

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Not This Democrat

I have nothing against Oprah Winfrey. In fact, I have no doubt she would be a better President than Donald Trump. HOWEVER, that is lower f*cking bar.

The correction to Donald Trump and his administration of forgotten toys is an actual politician that loves America - Republican or Democratic.

Letting a narcissistic sociopath play with the big kid's toys has been a disaster. But not JUST because he is a narcissistic sociopath, but because he is a political novice that runs too much "by the gut."

Oprah would be better, because I trust her gut more. BUT, a politician who has put in the time to understand how government works would be better than Oprah.

Let's put it this way, Oprah is very smart and talented, but if my toilet backs up, I'm still calling a  plumber, not Oprah.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Okay Then....

Congratulations Mississippians - gays now have less rights that inter-racial couples, women, Jews, Muslims, men, married people, unmarried people, atheists and pets.  Yay.

Hurrah for Mrs. Maisel

If you have Amazon Prime and have not watched the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, get thee to a television ASAP. It is wonderful.

Quick Little State of the World for 2018: Asia (ex. Mid-East)

As we continue our tour of the world and spots overlooked due to the President's demand for attention and a 24 hours new media that feeds him, let's take a look at Asia.

Today: Asia

1: North Korea

The big news here is actually on our radar with North Korea. North Korea has developed nuclear weapons faster than almost all experts expected. In retrospect, it appears a collapse of the scientific work in Russia and Ukraine enabled a mass movement of experts to North Korea. These were rocket experts, which complimented the many weapons experts they already had.

Sunday, January 07, 2018

In Case You Missed the Banana Republic News Alerts last week

Well, the new USA Banana Republic is in full swing.  Here are some recent highlights:

We had a commission to investigate "voter fraud".  This was a shame. It started ONLY because President Trump followed some Fox News Story that he would have won the popular vote IF ONLY 3 million illegal voters hadn't voted for Hillary.

We Americans had to pay for an asinine commission that promptly turned into a shit show on how to disenfranchise Democratic minority voters.  A Democrat on the commission was shut out of meetings and notes, sued, than was then granted legal support to see the records (of the commission he was on). Rather than share the records (which will no doubt be incriminating and are being shredded as quickly as they can be) - President Trump disbanded the commission. He will now fight the order in court, since the commission was closed.

Of course, this isn't how government records work in the United States (with have freedom of information requirements), but who knows what the new rules of the Banana Republic are.

The Clinton Foundation - one of the greatest things to come out of a retired President ever, is being investigated for pay to play access questions. In general, this is fine. In fact the first few times it was fine. But Hillary hasn't been Secretary of State for 3 years and this has been investigated repeatedly (it is a common Fox News talking point with no facts behind it). No one has ever found any foul play. In fact, the Clinton Foundation does amazing work.

But, in a Banana Republic, investigators investigate what the strong man tells them too. President Trump has ordered them to reopen the investigation. No doubt something will be found. That is how Banana Republics work.

Republicans on the committee to investigate possible ties between the Trump Campaign and Russia have offered up their first referral to the justice department. This is against the British author of the a campaign dossier against Candidate Trump. You might think this would be outside of the basic question of the committee (you know, did the Trump Campaign collude with the Russians), but the laps dogs are protecting their enabler.  Welcome to Bananastan.

Six states have legalized pot sales. As a candidate, Trump said he would not interfere with this - same as the prior administration was doing.  That has changed.  Not surprisingly, five of the six states are blue states.

Our Attorney General is spear heading this.  He lied during his confirmation hearings about his stand on state legalization of Marijuana. Which is (wow!) the same thing the Republicans have accused the British dossier author of doing - lying to Congress - see above as to why he was refer to DOJ authorities.