Monday, November 23, 2015

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's American Values from the 1950s

I Really Liked Spotlight

Rachel McAdams, Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo

I am generally not a big fan of Michael Keaton, still haven't quite gotten over the bad aftertaste of Batman. (Oddly enough, one of the reasons I still DO like Val Kilmer - he was a great Batman).
AND, I get the heebee jeebees about movies about child molestation (that and violence against women - I walk out of those).
So you might imagine my trepidation towards seeing "Spotlight" - a movie about the Boston Globe's work on the Catholic Church coverup of the the child molestation issue, starring Michael Keaton.  However, I loved it.  It was a great movie (and about the investigation, not about the abuse per say).
It was really good, Michael Keaton was good and Mark Ruffalo was amazing.  Very non-Mark Ruffalo-ish.  He was great.  Go see it, it was really good.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


This is quite the place.  link to article.  Others are the overview and a view pics.  It is like top, over-the-top, Zaza Gabor-over-the-top, this place!  And we all know I love over the top!
Nice Bar!

Dining Alcove turned into a bedroom / sleep area.

My Review of Promising is Up (not upbeat, but Up)


New post on What's On Off Broadway

PROMISING: The Candidate Stumbles

The new play, Promising, at the Beckett Theatre at Theatre Row has a lot going for it. The audience is greeting by the raw concrete and glass of a stunning condo, high above the city. This set, with scenic design by James. J. Fenton, creates apartment envy before the show even starts. The high power trio that enters is familiar to most New Yorkers, power-broker male trailing a press manager and a hard working staffer. Promising starts off at a running pace.
Jolie Curtsinger, Jake Robards, Kim Wong and Zachary Clark in Promising
The trio are the up and coming New York City Councilman David (Jake Robards), his staffer / speechwriter / friend Shed (Zachary Clark) and campaign manager Verity (Jolie Curtsinger). They enter the stunning, but empty apartment in full crisis response mode. Two weeks before an election, where David is on track for an easy win, he has just been accused of sexual assault. Shed is busy trying to craft a statement for David, which has to be supportive of women’s rights, but still dismissive of the accusations. Verity is working the phones to keep a positive piece on the Councilman alive and not pulled. David, meanwhile, needs to get ready to meet the press, hovering outside the building entrances waiting for a statement. They are besieged by a hungry press in a glass tower, undersupplied. David sleeps and dresses here, but doesn’t really seem to have stocked the apartment for actual habitation.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dr. Ben Fails Geography

He's busy!  Saving conjoined twins, stabbing people in the belt buckle, he can't be reviewing everything that goes out in his name.
Like getting a map of the US correct.  New Hampshire does have the first primary in the country, but he never looked at it on a MAP!  Busy, busy man, our Dr. Ben.

Republicans in Congress Have Called An Emergency Vote on Stopping All Syrian Refugees

Congress wants to vote to stop vetting Syrian Refugees in America.  Because, you know, politics.
The candidates stand (link).

I Don't Get It.  Really.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

This is Both His "I'm Quitting" and His "No Syrians in Louisiana" Wave

Bobby Jindal, who famously ignored his won 2012 advice to Republicans (it was "Quit being stupid.") has left the building.
Son of immigrants who started as a Hindu and ended as a Immigrant Hating, Evil Spewing Governor loathed by more Louisiana folk than President Obama has quit the 2016 Presidential Race after 4 months and zero support.

Random Buildings of New York: Today 141 Fifth Avenue

This Condo retrofit has been covered by scaffolding or tarps, off and on for years.  It is finally completed, free of covers totally and beautiful.  It was hard to find details on the history of this building.  This is basically all I could find.
In contrast to the sleek modernist towers rising throughout the city, the building, on Fifth Avenue between 20th and 21st streets, features a domed roof and elaborate terracotta decoration. Built in 1896 by Robert Maynicke as the Merchant Bank of New York building, its white brick, banded columns and distinctive domed roof cupola are representative of the beaux-arts architecture popular in New York City around the turn of the last century.
However, I did find that after it was converted in 2010 to Condos, the outside was updated later.  Then, when the leases on the ground floor expired, the owners had to redo the lower 2 floors.  It is all competed now and look at the detail and the overall.  Great.
I love the different columns and windows!

These are the types of details and decorations that we no longer use, even though we appreciate them.

A Simple Tool Millions of People Use: What Possible Side Effects

So, I have a bronchial infection and I got a "Z Pack" for it from a doctor.
What could go wrong?
I could have uncontrollable sweating, dizziness that seems getting worse not better, sitting up all night depressed trying to decide which side of the building to jump off of (South Side gives a better change of not hitting anyone or disrupting traffic - but then Ed would see it all the time and that would piss him off.  West mean I might finally be able to get them to clear the crappy little hotel if I hit right, but might destroy the only good Mexican food in town if I miss).  I don't cry too much because the diarrhea and sweats have left be bereft of water - so I just sit and shake from 12:30 AM to 1 AM missing the fact I can't drive to the fucking Pacific because this shit show of a city is full of people that are assholes that don't appreciate an ocean.  And there is no desert to go sit at and I hate this city more than I hate myself - but what ever.  Useless, I couldn't even jump of the fucking building.
Maybe some side effects for Scooter

Monday, November 16, 2015

Wait.. What About Your Guns?

Texas, Alabama and Michigan Governors were quick to say they are REFUSING any Syrian refugees because of the Paris attacks.  Note, there was 1 refugee in the group that attacked (and that still isn't verified) out of 2 Million that are in Europe, so great job with the whole "charity to others" bullshit you pretend to follow.

And yet, they also said the Paris attacks couldn't happen here because we have guns.
So, which is it exactly?  Could it not happen here because of your inane gun laws  - then why freak?  What's the point of bringing your gun to dinner if you can't have yourself a rootin' tootin' shoot out?

Houston: We Have A Problem

Even if you don't watch SNL - this was HIGHlarious.


Simple Headlines Here are Wrong - This isn't about "Gay Rights" at all

The Mormon Church is suffering a massive backlash inside the church this week.  And I use the words carefully here.  Suffering, because Mormons are choosing to leave the Church due to a change in church doctrine. (link to story in Washington Post).
The change in doctrine (which the Church is trying to say is a clarification) is that the children of a same sex couple (legally married or not) cannot be baptized.  That is a big ass deal for Mormons.

The church has been steadily more accommodating with gays - as much as they can while still holding to the doctrine it is a sin.  So, here they might not have fully thought it through.
Let's take an example and see why people are freaked.

  • Grandmother Mormon had three kids, one is gay.  No problem, all are baptized.  
  • All get married - say to Mormons - even the gay one.  No problem, all are baptized.  
  • The three kids each have three kids.  Six of Grandmother Mormon's grand babies are baptized and saved.  
  • Three other of her grand babies, through no fault of their own, aren't going to be saved with the family.

Now you may ask, wouldn't the gay married Mormons be considered apostates too - and not be abel to spend the afterlife with their families?  Not necessarily, that decision is up to local priests.  But now their children cannot be part of the church.
So thousands of Mormons are quitting.  And you say, so what?
Well, it is a big deal to Mormons. They are just "not going to church" or "not tithing".  That isn't quitting.  They are officially going to the closest Mormon Temple and removing their names from the roles of the faithful.  Quitting the Mormons isn't quite as touch as quitting the Scientologists, but close.  You need a lawyer and a notary and witnesses.
The Church's desire to tell people that gay marriage is bad (despite the fact that people are how God made them) is condemning children to a life without God - and the heavenly joys if they are killed accidentally before 18.  Even after 18, they can only join the church if they disavow their parents forever and choose the church as parents instead.
Perhaps a "clarification" the church didn't need to make right this minute.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Attack on Paris

The attack on Paris sucks.  And it sucks more for a couple of reasons than generally.
1. The people of Paris are warm-hearted (albeit it with a attitude towards non-French speakers :-), and to strike them on a Friday night was tough.  To strike families, couples, loved ones was terrible.
2. One of the attackers (i have read) had a Syria refugee ID from Greece.  This is exactly what the "no - immigrants" people have been warning would happen.  So far it is 1 out of 4 million refugees, but it will changed the discussion (at least with our system of politics as theater).
3.  My heart goes out here.  It isn't like Nepal or even Syrian where donations can help with a disaster, man made or natural.  Parisians don't need money or anything physical.  So I give them my thoughts and this picture below.
It is a picture of the Museum of Man, you can sit on the terrace (between the two towers) and look back at the fountains or past them to the Eiffel Tower.  But these French have been trying to understand what it means to be a human, both morally and philosophically for hundreds and hundreds of years.  Being human isn't just about killing innocent people, it is about building a world and a life.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

So we saw Bridge of Spies and Oddly Enough 1) I liked it and 2) It stared June Allyson

So Bridge of Spies was pretty good (too long, but you know - Oscar-bait).  Steven Spielberg didn't schmaltz it up too much.  I think it helped that the Coen Brothers wrote it.
However one thing REALLY stood out.  The wife, here played by Amy Ryan was the exact picture of June Allyson from Executive Suite.  And, while I couldn't get the clip from Executive Suite - I think she says the almost the exact same line, "Tell me it will be okay.  Even if it's a lie."
Evidence presented below.

Any Ryan standing by her man.

June Allyson standing by her man.
First June...
Then Amy