Saturday, November 17, 2018

Raking the Forest Floor

Oh my god he is a fucking idiot.

Even if the Fins DID say that they "rake the forest" one might note the difference in weather between Finland and California.

One might also note that the fires in California canyons are very very different than a fire in the tundra and northern boreal forests of Finland.  California is made up of chaparral, which is designed to burn when it grows too much. And canyons and 60 - 80 mph winds make it hard to find.

Lets look at the difference between Paradise CA (reduced to nothing with over 60 dead so far) and one of the warmest spots in Finland.

In case you think I made up what our Very Special Genius President said...

Monday, November 12, 2018

Trump Cancles US Veteran's Day Visit to National Cemetary Due to Drizzle

... in France it was rain that 'grounded his helicopter'. Today it is a drizzle that apparently stops the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces to drive less than 2 miles to Arlington National Cemetery were Presidents go to honor our Veterans every year.

(cartoon tip twitter: politicalsculptor..)

Trigger Warning!!!

Well this hits damn close to one of my trigger warnings should he actually vacate the Florida election.

Now the actually trigger was "2. Serious talk of "postponing the next election" occurs and / or legislation is introduced (my guess is this would occur - IF it occurs - due to a terrorist attack and we should "all come together)." But calling off a completed election falls within the general guidelines.

So 1 of the 2 reasons I would leave is close to being hit. The Republicans in Florida are pushing back against this (yes, the Republican Party in Florida is telling our President to butt the fuck out).

Of the 3 secondary items 1 is already done (1. Right to discriminate laws are passed and upheld by the Supreme Court), but not nationwide yet - only in a few southern states.

Of the secondary items, #3 edges closer daily... (3. Newspapers are successfully shut down for negative press coverage). He hasn't shut any down yet, but has banned CNN reports repeatedly, threatened to close down the Washington Post and consistently calls the press the enemy of the people ("Except Fox News, they are very good to me.")

In other news, an old friend from  he UK was here and came over lat night. It was great to see John.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

100 Years Ago Today

On the 11th day of the 11th Month in 1918 - 100 years ago today - came the end to the Great War. The War to end all Wars...

Turns out, that it didn't end all wars, but it did signify the end of the Age of Empires and the beginning of self-determination. The lessons of the Great War were not learned for many many years, but hopefully we can remember them now and try to live more in peace - but to stand up for right when we have to...

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Baltics... Balkans... All the Same

You may not know the difference either. However, you are not the leader of the country pledged to defend countries in botht he Baltics (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia) and the Balkans (Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia).

Baltics - Top (named for Baltic Sea) Balkans - Bottom (named for Balkan Peninsula)

They Gave Their Lives So He Could Avoid a Drizzle

Good Fuck. Our President couldn't use his helicopter to go to a graveyard, so he bunted, rather than use the Limo he brought to visit American grave sites from World War I. What a douche.

I do want to remind everyone that Fox News (the Pravda of the US) spent a week discussing how Obamm dissed the troops because he saluted with a coffee cup. But President Bonespur can't be bothered to drive 50 miles to honor American War Dead - and that is peachy.

Blah, blah , I hate California, blah

President Trump needs to lay off the FOX News for a few moments.

He believes (for no reason) that the problem is that California is dumping water into the ocean. This stupid thought started around drought time (because there was no caravan to preoccupy him) and that - supposedly - is why fighting fires is hard.

This is, of course, bullshit. We have more wildfires because 1) the bark beetle destroying PINE trees, and leaving them standing and dead (due to climate change - the bark beetles don't die off in winter now), 2) climate change drying out forests because the rain pattern is changing and forests can't change quit as fast and 3) people moving into areas more prone to forest fires.

None of this is due to water mis-management or forest mis-management.  Forest management in Calfironia, by the by, is primarily a federal job since California forests are overwhelmingly National Parks, Monuments or Forests.

All the very light green is national forests (yes in the mountains, desert and along the coast.)

Thursday, November 08, 2018

I am not sure how to bridge this....

So here is a letter writer to the New York Times after the election. He is from Florida (I removed his name), but I don’t  know how to talk to him. I decry the condition of the electorate not communicating, but how do I even start?

He says that Democrats are for “higher taxes, illegal immigration and unprotected borders” that we only use “political correctness and obstructing Trump.”

How does one have a reality based discussion around this? Despite what Fox and Trump say about Democrats, we are not FOR illegal immigration and unprotected borders. Well, actually it was what they SAID, now that the election is over news about “the caravan” dried up from FOX and Trump.

The Democrats did not obstruct Trump, because they couldn’t. The Republicans held (and still hold for 2 months) every lever of power in Washington. They own the Senate, the House, the Supreme Court and the Presidency. The Democrats have obstructed anything!!!

The Democrats held the government for 8 years under Obama and didn’t raise taxes. They did let the Republican tax breaks for those making over $400,000 expire - as the Republicans built them, but that is far from “raising taxes”. And how did force political correctness.

Finally, and I cannot believe I have to say this, the writer talks about Democratic incivility. The Republican President calls Democrats evil, calls the news The Enemy of the People, called for a multiple women to be locked up for the crime of opposing one of Trump’s candidates. Implied Megan Kelly was experiencing Menzies for daring to question him. Called John McCain a loser for getting caught. Called a Gold Star family Muslim traitors for daring to oppose him. And Democrats are blamed for incivility.

How does one talk to this person? How can we have a discussion when the writer simply spouts talking points layered onto him from Fox News?

This reminds me of trying to talk to people after the election of Barack Obama, and they STARTED the discussion with, “Honestly, I believe he might be the anti-Christ. That is what the church is saying.” And they weren’t joking.

Sleep Ranked

Worst - Can’t fall asleep at night

Good - Falling asleep at night

Better - Going back to sleep on the week-end after walking the dog

Best - Naps

Bestest - Naps in the rain

Better than the Best - Jetlag....

Oh God... NOOOOoooooooooooo

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Tribes Win

You see a lot of political tribal winning during this election.

An indicted Republican (for insider trading - calling from the White House) won in upstate New York

An indicted Republican (for embezzling campaign funds) won in Southern California

A dead pimp Republican won in Nevada

A New Jersey Democrat who was Indicted (but won on a hung jury) won as Senator in New Jersey

The wins were indicative as signs of division, not of  intelligent decisions.

Confusion or High

I love this picture.

The thing is I couldn’t figure out how to download a picture of confusion (I found one, but can’t figure out how to download it).

But I am confused. Funnily enough, this produces a feeling very like being high. Enough to where I am enjoying it.

Now, I probably shouldn’t be enjoying it while teaching.

Truth is I probably shouldn’t be having it at all. It is because my blood presure is through the roof.  Why, you ask. Well, Aetna won’t send me my medicene.  I have alerted my doctor, who has called, emailed and done whatever background message magic they are suppose to do, but it hasn’t helped. Aetna, I am sure, clearly hates me and wants to kill me. They have fucked up my medicines pretty consistently.

I am trying to get them to now go to a pharmacy. Of course when I tried this with Exfexor before Aetna called the pharmacy to say no (they really are trying to kill me) despite me saying I would pay for it.  But what are you going to do.

If I die, sue the fuck out of them.


Hummm, the elections are over. They went about  as well as expected.  Democratic candidates did well in the House, where votes depend (at least a little) on population size. They did badly in the Senate - where they are by state, not population - and a few of “rural” states that went for Donald Trump flipped from Democratic to Republican.

Divided government means not a lot gets done - but there will be some brake on President Trump’s worst instincts.  On the other hand, the Courts are approved by the Senate - so there will be a lot more very conservative judges, more restrictions on women’s rights, Hispanic rights, voting rights, and - of course - the rights of Evangelicals to hate and discriminated against fags, lesbians and transsexuals.  A vote for hate- yay!

Well it was about as good as we could reasonably hope for, but in truth, we did all hope for better. Well watch the court for a couple of years and hope they don’t take away our marriage - fingers crossed!

Addition -

I will say, Trump will call this a victory over and over again. He will say it enough that it will sound true. Even though the same result (the House flips and the Senate doesn’t) was a loss for Obama and Bush.  The lessons learned (although I learned it from my dad YEARS AGO, is that if you repeate a lie enough, loud enough, stupid people believer it.