Wednesday, December 12, 2018

“Don’t Wake The Baby”

The other night a guy came over that I last remember was waking up his new born to “introduce her to everyone.” The child screamed, and I left Ed to speak with them all - they weren’t my friends.

Well we talk the other night. The new born is graduating from nurse in school this year. Turns out it has been a while since we saw him!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?

So here is the thing, Impeachment is a horrible idea. Because Trump won’t get 2/3s of the Senate to convict him. That is 20 Republicans, even all the Democrats vote to impeach him.  And it looks shitty.

But here is the problem if you DON’T Impeach him, the President is now permitted to commit crimes without consequences. President Trump violated election laws by (alegedly- but with evidence):

  1. Paying off hutch money to a porn star and Playboy bunny during the election. The way he did it violates campaign financing (it was a undeclared benefit to the campaign). Then he participated in a conspiracy to lie to Congress with his lawyer and son. Then he violated tax laws by not disclosing this payoff and not disclosing the bonus paid to Cohen for the payoff.
  2. Offered something of value (a $50 Million Penthouse) to a foreign national during the sampling in order to secure foreign (Russian) support for a business venture and political support. That is bribery and election law violations.
I don’t want to impeach him. That will suck. But I would like the Justice Department to indite him, pending his completion of term.

As a reminder, President Clinton was Impeched for lying under oath during a Deposition about another manner completely. President Trump refuses to even participate in a Deposition.

Saturday, December 08, 2018

My 2nd Weekly Trump Dump of Lies

I dont' mention him during the week, if I can help it. I dump it all on Saturday (so my readers don't have to get it daily).

Last Week's

Date Trump Truth
8-Dec Twitter_ Tookt he chance to again say people in Paris are saying "We Want Trump" No, they are not you liar.
8-Dec Twitter: "The idea of a European Military didn’t work out too well in W.W. I or 2. But the U.S. was there for you, and always will be. All we ask is that you pay your fair share of NATO. Germany is paying 1% while the U.S. pays 4.3% of a much larger GDP - to protect Europe. Fairness!" So much stupidity here, so much to unpack. 1: There wasn't a "European Military" in W.W. I or 2. There were many different militaries, most fighting each other. 2: He does not understand (or chooses not to understand) that NATO is "paid for" by the numbers he is using. NATO members are encouraged to spend 2% on their military. 3: the U.S.'s military budget - 4.3% of GDP is not used exclusively for NATO. In fact we are 2 -3 wars, have a standing Army in South Korea and Japan, a hidden army in Africa and military bases in 80. - 118 countries, not just "to protect Eurpe".
7-Dec "Totally clears the President. Thank you!" Super Duper Lie. The report literally (not figuratively, but literaly) concludes the President directed people  to break campaign fiance laws. There is a lot of other shit about the President's wrong doing in the report - but the twitter comment is a uge and ignorant lie.
7-Dec "Rex Tillerson is low energy and dumb as a rock." This name calling is a response to Rex's interview and just freakin' odd and unPresidential.
7-Dec Donald has a meltdown on twitter about the possible Muller Report. This one runs into reams of lies: 
    1. James Comey and Robert Muller do not have a conflict of interest.
    2. Andrew Wiesman was a successful prosecutor that put the Gambino family behind bars and Enron. He is not "Will Andrew Weissman’s horrible and vicious prosecutorial past be listed in the Report. He wrongly destroyed people’s lives, took down great companies..."
    3. Clinton Foundation was not found of wrong-doing. In fact it did amazingly positive things.
    4. Trump does know James Corsi
7-Dec Big danger in Arizona at the wall. Lie: Big Danger? Children and families. I mean enforce our laws, but this isn't "BIG DANGER"
7-Dec Twitter: Did the FBI follow protocol to obtain the FISA warrant? I don’t think so." … continues Lie: As Judge Judy says, I don't care what YOU think. They did.
6-Dec Trump has a number of illegal immigrants working at his Golf Club in New Jersey. Good news: They have Secret Service clearances and tchokies.
6-Dec Twitter: Without Muller harassment, my polls would be at 75% positive. I don't think so you pussy-grabbing adulterer.
5-Dec Twitter: Very strong signals being sent by China once they returned home from their long trip, including stops, from Argentina. Not to sound naive or anything, but I believe President Xi meant every word of what he said at our long and hopefully historic meeting. ALL subjects discussed! Who knows: None of what they said was noted, reported or written down.
5-Dec Trump lauds Roger Stone and Corsi as Stone claims that Muller wants him to lie to implicate Trump. Well - Roger Stone was brought by the Republicans in the Senate to discuss this. He pled the fifth. (Per President Trump, only guilty people take the fifth).
4-Dec He likes the protesters of Paris because they are demonstrating against higher energy prices. This is just weird. Ne loves violent protests of an ally because he thinks they are anti-climate change.
4-Dec "Those protesters were yelling 'We Want Donald.'" Nope
4-Dec I'm the tariff man Stocks lose 700 points.
3-Dec  Michael Coehn is lying to get a better deal, he should go to jail for a long time. Nope, not lying. Michael Cohen is roasting Trump, but he is not lying. Muller checks, see: Manafort.
2-Dec I'm having a meeting with Putin in Argentina. (two hours later) I'm cancelling a meeting with Putin in Argentina. What happened in between? Michael Cohen details released regarding Individual 1, Trump.
30-Nov This was a late  entry last week. After the presses went to bed. Twitter: "Great reviews on the USMCA - sooo much better than NAFTA!" Nope. Same as NAFTA.

Friday, December 07, 2018

That I Love Mrs. Maisel should be no surprise.

Mrs. Maisel is a delight. Not just the comic or the lesbian manager, but Mrs. Maisel's parents.

This season started with her mother running off to Paris to find herself. After a Tony Shalub breakdown,t he father came to accept mom is a person. The shots as they explored Paris together were magical. Not Paris, or even the outfits, or the cars - but the images captured what it is like to refall in love with your partner. Somthing that is almost impossible to capture....

From the moments in Paris to the end of the second episode. Lovely....

Thursday, December 06, 2018

George. Soros: Philanthropist but somehow boogyman of the Right

From today:(link)
Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) on Thursday morning managed to turn a Fox Business Network discussion about Google and China into a bizarre attack on the right’s favorite bogeyman, George Soros.
Fox Business later apologized for the congressman’s comments.
“You mention Orwell, it also reminds me of another George—George Soros,” Gohmert said, making a clumsy transition during his segment. “Because Google is born in a free country and then they go over and help oppress another country.”
“George Soros is supposed to be Jewish, but you wouldn’t know it from the damage he’s inflicted on Israel and the fact that he turned on fellow Jews and helped take the property that they own.”
That wild accusation—or as Gohmert put it “fact”—went unchallenged by host Stuart Varney, who helped steer the conversation back to China.
Gohmert’s comments echo a common right-wing conspiracy theory that Soros—a liberal, billionaire philanthropist—was a Nazi sympathizer or worse during World War II.
Born in Hungary in 1930, Soros was just nine years old at the start of the war and 14 when it ended. But that hasn’t stopped far-right firebrands like Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Dinesh D’Souza, and now sitting Rep. Louie Gohmert from spreading lies about him. Beck’s comments drew a condemnation from the Anti-Defamation League.
As the fact-checking website Snopes wrote in its piece debunking the myth, “The simple truth is that George Soros neither said nor did anything resembling what he has been accused of. In no sense was Soros, who turned 14 years old not long after the Germans occupied Hungary in 1944, a ‘Nazi collaborator.’ At no time did he confiscate (or help confiscate) the property of Jews, ‘identify Jews to the Nazis,’ or help ‘round up’ people targeted for deportation or extermination by the Germans (to answer just a few of the accusations leveled against him).”
In the following broadcast hour, Varney issued an on-air apology for Gohmert’s remarks: “Congressman Louie Gohmert for some reason went out of his way to bring up George Soros and made unsubstantiated and false allegations against him. I want to make clear those views are not shared by me, this program or anyone at Fox Business.”

I did not / do not understand why the right hates this man. He has fought for Democracy. Has a foundation that supports human rights, education and empowerment worldwide. I get why Brits might hate / have hated him, he shorted the pound a couple of decades ago and crashed the currency (and out of possible Euro) - but since they voted to leave the EU anyway, let bygones be bygones.

I mean I get they hate Jews (although they love Israel), but it is an obsession.

Good Grief

Republican politicians (as opposed to ALL Republican people) are masters of perverting the rule of law, change voter requirements, and then changing the rules after they lose. These politicians are, to put it bluntly, fucks.

The Republicans are the only party in American (and most of the western world) that actively tries to making voting harder and reduce electorial participation.  In any other country we would call this what it is, an affront to Democracy and probably illegal. In fact, the Badger state is following the foot-steps of North Carolina legislature. How is that going, their work is being fought in court (at massive tax-payer expense) and they are losing.

Repulican Politicians are not good people.

When they are not screwing the incoming Democrats, they are actively working to subvert the intention of the people. For example in Michigan. There, in order to keep a minimum wage increase off the ballot, they passed the law. But before it passed, they amended it to NOT increase minimum wage until 2030 (yes 12 years from now). And in 2030, tipped employees wages will rise to $4.35 an hour!

As Zela would said with no enthusiasm, whoop-ee.

Sunday, December 02, 2018

This is a Reason "Climate Change" is Confusing

President Trump's dumb ass tweet aside, Climate Change is truely difficult to understand and map. There are many complexities and interrelationships.  Here is one that is counter intuitive, climate change may make the tropics MUCH warmer and winters in the US and Europe MUCH colder.


Ocean Currents...
This is the full article, here is the short poop-ski.

Some ocean currents are slowing down, including the Gulf Stream - as the oceans heat up. We all learned about this one in school. The Gulf Stream is the white arrow above. It takes hot water from the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico up the Atlantic and over to Europe.

But glaciers are melting quicker than ever, so more fresh water in specific and the more total  water in general now comes south between Labrador and Greenland. This works to push the current out into the Atlantic and away from North-east US (and Canada) and further from Europe. This will make European winters actually much colder.

Possibly. That's the thing. Even though we have massive computers, the follow on effects of all this cannot be known.

One other thing - which is just about me. I find this FASCINATING. I studied this shit at UCLA and never thought I would live to see it. I was a Geography / Economics major, and aside from international airline routes, THIS was what I was interest in! I mean, this shit was suppose to happen in 2100 / 2200 - but it is happening now! It is like a biologist being able to watch thousands of years of evolution in a single lifetime.