Wednesday, June 30, 2004

You know you're lost when

You know that you are in over your head as you walk by people and a normal conversation makes no sense.

As I walk by the encryption guys I hear the following, "No, I know it is wrong. Look here, it's 2 + A and that equals 8, but here they have a 3."

I am sure there is a base "x" somewhere in which 2 plus A does equal 8, but there is a probably one where it equals 3. I would be just as lost in either place.

Lleyton Lost

Lleyton lost again. He's breakin my heart.

Okay... Come On - No one is questioning this?

I hate to be the conspiracy guy, but does anyone really believe this was spontaneous?

Isn't it odd that this is the only type of this note released as a press release? I mean it is great theater, and it is a great money shot (it made every news I saw), but does anyone believe this?

Take it from a boy that cannot spell, you are never going to come up with "Let Freedom Reign" spontaneously. Maybe "Let Freedom Ring" or maybe "Condi, Great News" or maybe "Now who's the dummy", but not "Let Freedom Reign". No one talks like that.

And he came up with it "spontaneously" in a NATO meeting. Aren't we paying for his ass to be over there to attend the NATO summit. You know, meet with people, talk to the other countries. Not thinking up word games until he is excused to the bathroom.