Sunday, December 30, 2018

I Have Never Seen a President So HATE Americans

There have been a lot of Presidents that showed disdain or contempt for the oppositioin candidate. Particularly when running for President. I get it.

But I have never had a President that openly HATES me as this one does.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Went to the Pinstripe Bowl Last Night

Last night Eddie and I went to the Pinstripe Bowl and watched Ed's beloved Wisconsin Badgers beat up on the (universally) hated Miami Cheaters Hurricanes. It was a kick.
Wisconsin takes the field

Our View

Our Suite (heaters above).
Lots of food, lots of fun.

The Theatrics Over Our "Government Shutdown"

The United States today enters week2  of our "government shutdown". But it doesn't really mean much.

In the age of Trump we all understand that this is an artificial construct designed to appease his base. He is demanding money for a wall on our Southern Border. And yes, by the by, we already have a wall on our southern border. At least the 602 miles of it that makes sense

We HAD a full government agreement to fund the government for two months until the Democrats came in to office, but the President blew that up when conservative commentators made fun of him for not getting wall funding, so he reneged on that. One of the 2 previous government shutdowns this year was also over a reneged agreement - where he got wall funding to clear the Dreamers to stay (children brought into the company under 10 years old and had lived here as law abiding citizens since).

This is another shutdown where Republicans have control of the House, Senate, Presidency and courts. That changes in a week or so and then Trump is excited to blame Democrats.

Fun reigns in the USofA.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Some Great Things Happened in 2018! (Part Two)

Some more wonderful things...
Ed got to have Starbucks Cocktails in Seattle (and visit Amazon's spheres!)
I got to watch Borna Coric in Croatia! (He has the best behind in Tennis)

Jane joined us in Croatia for tennis and more

Plitivc Lakes

Krka Falls (ed was upwhen Jane and I were in the water)

We attended a fundraiser at the Central Park zoo where I saw penguins and Ed wore one (he won the hat!)
I went back to Bosnia and worked with students

We took a fall cruise up the Hudson to the Army football game.

The many looks of Trevor
Saw John - that had been almost 2 decades

Thanksgiving in Panama

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas!!!

Ho Ho Ho
This was my Aunt Jane. She loved Christmas!

Her mother died at her birth (it was in 1904) and she was raised by her Grandmother, until she was 18 and was in her first marriage and divorce. Her grandmother sued her father for support twice in Nebraska. Then they moved to LA and she worked the cigar counter at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

There she met a motorcycle mechanic just back from Japan who she married (my Uncle Bert). Bert made a bunch of money during the war (selling black market gas) and then bought a house in Culver City next to MGM's backlot. Louis Meyer's mother (or mother in law) lived next door.

Jane's birthday was Dec 21st and our first Christmas event was always at their house on that day. You got 1 present each, and got to watch Jane open hers. Seriously, that was a woman who enjoyed it so much it made you anxious for Christmas!

There, in Culver City, Jane and Bert lived, loved, laughed, fought (a LOT) and ultimately drank their marriage into a bitter waiting room for the sweet release of death. He died first - to spite her - and his mother moved in with Jane. She lived off and on with her mother-in-law, calling Zela and I over every now and then to referee.

Years / decades later , after Jane's passing in the 1990s, I got the couch (in the background) and the table. The couch was a section with lights and a planter in the corner! and the table was Chinese Modern.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Some Great Things Happenes in 2018 (Part 1)

I complain. It's my nature, but all in all 2018 was a blast.  Here are some highlights of my and Ed's life this year.

We continued our "bumbling" around the city with a trip to the Queen's Museum and "Never Built New York"

At Ed's Spring meetings in Carlsbad, I got to visit Anza Borrego Park in bloom - with big horn sheep!

AND blooming Ocatillo

We took a winter trip to Lake Placid and rode in a. bobsled

Visited J P Morgan's Library / Museum

Went to Cape  Cod for a friend's birthday and indulged in Scott's favorite sport - mini golf.

Visited Lynnie in here new digs in Florida.
Went to Washington DC for the March for Our Lives
already growing

I went to Montan to see Mom and Nick's new dog (oh yeah and to see Nick who is looking good after surgery!)

 Ed and I continued our annoying competition with British friends' babies and our need to indoctrinate them early!

Scotland with friends (Ed, Jane, Gareth, Barbara, Lynn, Scott)

Crushed under the heel of Capitalism!

Glamis - where Helena Bonham Carter the Queen Mother was born.

Highland Coos

Balmoral (Queenie's escape pad in Scotland)

After a pint or three

Scott visited the wilds of Montenegro

Stayed in Perast, just outside of Kotor

Scott got to shot the shit with the Head of the UN Mission in Bosnia!!!!

Just a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Investment in Bosnia Herzegovina

Ed's Parents visited (and we went to Book of Mormon)

John and Sue came for the US Open

Ed was made into a cookie!

Saw Bridget for the first time in a decade

Lauren and her family finally met us (they had met Trevor more than a few times)

Ed got real grills at our new conod and was a happy campe

Scott spoke at the UN (okay, it wsn't busy, but I spoke)
New York days bumbled into fall

Kelly and Scott respected the Art

Ed made fantastic use of the grills!