Thursday, April 12, 2018

Only My Father or Donald Trump Could Write This

From whom does our VSG President expect a Thank You? Serious question.

The land we helped liberate is now in control of the Syrian Government, the Kurds, Turkey (taken from the Kurds) or a small amount under rebel control.

We were / are fighting Syria as well as ISIS - so Syria isn't going to thank us.

The Kurds would have thanked us, but when they voted for independence, we didn't back them - and have abandoned them fighters to face Turkish Forces, so they will no longer thank us.

The Turks are pissed we helped the Kurds and they had to step in, so our Turkish allies won't be thanking us. (They consider Kurds as terrorists.)

What is left of the rebels, holding small areas, would thank us, except we just recently said we were leaving with no plan. They feel betrayed.  Betrayed people don't thank you.

Being President is a thankless job.

Syria today...

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