Thursday, October 07, 2004

Asford vs. Alqueda

Oye', the Presidential race is worrying me. Oye', what will happen to the future. Oye', why does God hatie Florida.

Well, enough worry about the "big things" - Ashford pulled my ass back to reality. Last night I was painting the bathroom. Ed is out of town and I thoguht I would suprise him with a newly painted bathroom (because apparently my being in Thailand and Hong Kong didn't give him enoguh time to paint - but I digress). I was finally done and ready to put up the wall plates and all, when Ashford wanted to go out front.

Ashford gets this wild hair every now and then. He goes out front and wanders along the gate. Looks at life passing by. He barks at the other dogs. He enjoys life out there.

Last night he enjoyed barking at the black and white wierd dog. The black and white dog, turned out to be a skunk. Now the skunk was outside the gate, but still wanted Ashford to know he didn't enjoy being barked at.

Yes, last night at 10:30 I was busy (in my newly painted bathroom) washing the skunk smell out of the little fat brown dog. fun. He's at the groomer today.