Friday, September 29, 2006

Alana Meets the Penquins

My cousin Alana is doing a semester in Buenos Aires. She is having a typical great college time. (Her blog here)

Then this last week-end she saw whales and the penquins. Penquins!!

One Must Comment

Okay, I have to comment on Jim McGreevy's book. He is the lying ex-New Jersey governor that cheated on his wife with a paid assistant. I find his "soul-baring" book shameless on so many levels - not the least of which he is an embarassment to homos who work hard and don't lie (or need to put their illict boyfriend on the payroll to get some nookie). Luckily, after the fawning reviews I have read, a real time New Jersey Gay boy reviews his book in Salon with the appropriate feel.

An excerpt:

Of this wild trip, from Nixon-loving Catholic schoolboy to Democratic kingpin of the Soprano state, McGreevey is sanctimonious in the way that only reformed sinners and former addicts can be. And, of course, since the quickest path to public rehabilitation is to declare you have an addiction, McGreevey now views his life through the fuzzy gauze of the 12-step program. He claims to have been an addict all along; he was hooked, not on drugs, drink, sex or gambling, but simply on "being central in the world, to being accepted and adored in the way that celebrities are adored -- by strangers, in abundance." In other words, he is an egomaniac. He shies away from this word because to use it would call into question his motives for "confessing" in the genre of best-selling autobiography. But once the signal clich├ęs of addiction recovery begin to make their way into the book, McGreevey's halfhearted apologia and barely submerged defiance begin to make sense. How can you be sorry for actions over which you "have no control," for a life you did not quite live? You accept them with serenity.

New York is soooo not the place to be "under the weather".

Under the weather is a polite way of saying hung over (which I am not) or starting to get sick (which I so am).

In Los Angeles when you feel like crap with a capital C, and you have to go to work for various reasons, you get in your car, go to work, do what you have to and either go home or drive to the beach and sleep until you can go home.

In New York when you feel like crap with a capital C, you get on the subway - sick, and feeling disgusting . Then you get to your stop - finally, after the subway has shaken - not stirred - your insides until they are DYING for the comfort of the Citibank Men's Room - only to find that the escalator's are out and you are trudging up the lifeless hulks like you are on the Bataan Death March. (run on sentence much). And you get to your office (after a not so quick stop at said Men's Room) to find that the summer air conditioning is still on and your nipples can now cut glass.


Thursday, September 28, 2006

Only Wuzzies Think About Iraq

Your Senate in "action". While Bush was busy explaining why the constitution should be shreded and Bush can torture away (really - read the bill), the press asked Senator Lott if they took the opportunity to discuss the war (since it is the "central front on the war on terror").

And I quote from CNN

"No, none of that," Lott told reporters after the session when asked if the
Iraq war was discussed. "You're the only ones who obsess on that. We don't and
the real people out in the real world don't for the most part."

And we will not even comment on our "uniter" president, who just days ago wasn't going to politize the war who today said:

And again, I quote from CNN

President Bush counterpunched at Democrats on Thursday, saying their
criticism of the war in Iraq has turned their party into one of "cut-and-run"

Although I have to wonder at the "counterpunched" - since no one "punched" the liar in chief, but I think they should now. Verbally of course, even the big fat lying SOB doesn't deserve to be hit. Although, if you didn't watch the news tonight you missed that the Iraqs hit Americans 100 times a DAY now. 100 times A DAY!!! Just FYI, here is a nice little partial list...

Eddie posts and blogger chokes

I don't know if the two are related. Ed's blog below.

A tad bit overzealous, in my opinion

Was it not just a couple of weeks ago that is was something like 1,000 degrees and muggy in NY? Remember...Scott was commenting on the subterranian petri dish? No one could sleep through the night because the city just got hotter and hotter? People dripping with sweat in the elevator at work?

Well why are some people trying to rush us right through fall (and the current beautiful balmy weather) and rush our brains into thinking it is soon to be cold and Winter? I mean really, let's enjoy this for a while!

There is no reason to putting up.....THE ICE RINK at Rockefeller!!!

Jeez. Ease up on the season a bit. The Rockette's are just getting warmed up!


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Week-End

We spent a lovely week-end in the desert last week-end. It was truly great. The weather was perfect, my Jacuzzi was perfect, then neighbors had watched the house (which included emptying the refrigerator after it broke and letting the installers put in the new one – as well as taking care of the Jeep).

We got to drive (fun). We saw Lynn, Bradly, Muffin. It was a great week-end. Kind of sucky flying back as we were stuck in O’Hare for an extra 2 hours with a slightly woozy little pup, but he made it well. He is getting used to air-travel now. But he might be getting a little too big for it.

The only boo-de-hoo is there are no direct New York / Newark flights to Palm Springs. Otherwise all would be well in the kingdom.
New York is still good. Ed’s job is getting busy and hectic, but it is a combination of new job and financial deadlines – so hopefully it will get better. My job is actually kind of fun. And (as you can tell) the firewall in New York offices allows me to post. Yeah.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Well, moving invalidated my credit card info with homestead. The site should be back up now (or you couldn't read this). Updates will appear toot suite.

And, as a way of making it up to some of you (you know who you are) a little A. Thoirskildsen and his spear (winning in Athens).

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sometimes an article is perfect as it is

This Radar article says it all:

How hideous rubber shoes became summer's most unfortunate fad

(the only change I would note is that it was not a red-state phenom. Despite their attempts to hide it these are ALL OVER MANHATTAN!)

Mascot of the Month: Anders Thorkildsen

You know, I just think it is a shame that Track and Field athletes don't get the respect they deserve. Take Anders here.

Anders is a skilled Javlin thrower out of Norway. And yet, and yet, to get attention at all he has to has to display himself on his web site.

Well I think that is just wrong. Bravo Anders, we salute you not because Lisa thinks you are yummy, but for being the brave athlete out there still telling the world. "I throw spear. Eat Food. Hear me Roar!"

Throw Anders! Throw like your life depends on it.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Story of 2 Movies: Hollywoodland

So we saw Hollywoodland this week-end. It is actually the mashup of two movies. One, the George Reeves story that ends in suicide was GREAT! Ben Affleck was great. Diane Lane was so amazing I could not believe it was her. I mean we are talking whiplash changes that were are believable.

The other story is about Adrian Brody’s giant nose in close up. How he sticks it in where he shouldn’t. How it gets punched, bloodied and hit with chains. How when his ex-wife gets a new boyfriend, it gets out of joint. And, most importantly, how he can smell the truth.

To be honest, I have never been a giant fan of Adrian Brody’s giant nose.

You should see Hollywoodland on the big screen, where Diane Lane is luminescent and where Ben Affleck is tragic. Unfortunately, I think Adrian Brody’s giant nose in close up is best viewed in the comfort of your home, the small screen and the fast forward button.

Friday, September 15, 2006

The Dog in the Pouring Rain

Well, I had to Tevor to the vet today for boster shots. It is 10 blocks. No big deal.

10 stormy blocks, bigger deal.

On the way back it was 10 blocks underwater. Trevor couldn't take it. So I had to carry him.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hack Hack

It would be hard to design a better environment for sickness than New York.

It is a nice cool rainy day today. So you walk to the Subway.

Once in the home of the traveling Petri dish, it is about 12 million degrees and humid. Then a hot wind precedes the big silver tube.

You step into the big silver Petri dish with a 1,000 other hacking, coughing, disgusting people affectionately called "the public". You stand face to hacking face with people as the air conditioner kicks on. They the doors open and new fresh hot air rushes in and you sweat. Then the doors close and the air conditioning kicks on. Shake and repeat for 3 stops.

Then you leave and go back into the rain.

Then you go into your office, where the summer thermostat hasn't changed yet so it is freezing in the room.

Then move to a conference room with too many people and the air conditioning can't keep up.

Oh yea, this has got to be good for me! Maybe tonight I will just French Kiss a trash can.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The 9/11 Lights

So from our house you could see the Twin Tower lights last night. Eddie took a couple of picture that were really cool. In the picture above, the red, white and blue building is the Empire State Building.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Here is a Great F'ing Idea

Here is a great idea.

You build a big new beautiful condo bulding. Then you load it from the bottom to top. So far so good.

Of course it takes a while to finish the building and load it. But no problem as the units are almost sound proof - so you don't hear construction or anything. Well - almost anything.

You see a small sound will travel through the airducts. A tiny sound.

Beep Beep Beep of the dying fire alarm. And (beep beep beep) it goes off every (beep beep beep) few seconds until you want to cut off your (beep beep beep) head.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fun with Bradly on Labor Day

So we had fun with Bradly this week-end.

We bumbled around a lot and it was a kick. An expensive kick, but a kick none the less.

We also saw "The Drowsey Chaperone" - which I love. We had seen it in LA with Lynn and it was great then and it was GREAT none. We loved it. We also saw "The History Boys" with original London (and new movie) cast. It was really really good. It was a serio-comedy. It was really good - although a little British probably for some people. Lisa had told me I would love it and I did. (Lisa - by the by - showed off by going to the Movie Premier of it. Good for her.).

Then we went to the US Open and saw fun tennis. Including Maret Safin playing well (dispite what appeared to be a hang-over).

We also saw Lindsey Davenport - a nice Southern Californian Girl - win over a higher ranked opponent. She has been playing forever and she is still good. Plus she looks better in person than on TV (where she looks a little tubby).

It was nice.

Also Eddie has a great new camera and zoom. He and Bradly played with it a lot.