Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Back to Yoga (I Blame Ronnie) & Headstand!

So ... at the Ribfest, I spoke with Uncle Ronnie.  Who is so convolutedly not really my Uncle (he is related through my spouse, who isn't my spouse in Minnesota (where we were) or North Dakota (where Ronnie lives), but is my spouse in New York (where we live)).  Ronnie is (deep breath), Ed's Step-father's sister's husband.  Which would make him my Step-Uncle in-law, in New York.
See, simply calling him "Uncle Ronnie" is a lot easier :-).
Anyway, Uncle Ronnie is retired, living in Grand Forks and rides his bike every day for exercise.  Every day!  My exercise lately has been blowing off yoga and creating extravagant and detailed excuses.  More of a mental exercise you might say.
So, yesterday I sucked it up and went to Yoga for the first time in a while.
And what is the pose of the month?  Headstand.  Ha ha!
Well, in Yoga, all went pretty well and the teacher came over during the first headstand, held my thighs and made me do it.  And I did.  The second time (starting with the left side you do all the moves again) about 5 minutes later I did it all by myself.  Good for Scooter.
Of course, my choice of shirt left something to be desired.  I wore a large loose t-shirt so as not to show my belly and scare the class off its dinner.  But loose t-shirt and headstand - well, suffice it to say I was belly to the wind.


Mark T said...

Scott, I'm fairly certain that's not you in those pictures. Please post some pictures of YOU doing the headstand. I'm sure all of your readers would love to see!

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