Saturday, July 09, 2011

The Cousins - Updated (Problems with Blogger)

So Blogger has problems and I can't put up new things, which is a pain.
But here is an overview of the Makato Rib fest.
Eddie and I went back to see Ed's parents, Jo and Donald - and their 4 boys.  Also at Rib fest at the four girls seated, these are Jean and Ronnie's girls.
Jean and Donald are brother and sister.
So it was a really nice time.  I have to say this is the third Ribfest and I have been with them all more often then that.  And I am touched by how wonderful the family's have been to me.
Jean and Ronnie's girls are comteporaries with Eddie and we have always gotten along.  Everyone has a spouse, and the fact that Eddie and I are spouses doesn't phase any of them - or if it does, they never let it show.  They are great people.  I chalk a lot of it up to Jean and Ronnie, who raised their girls well.  I didn't expect someone from a small town in Minnesota to be so accepting of me.  Not just accepting, but welcoming.  I was really touched this year.
Sappy - but true.  Ronnie, John and I spoke a lot.  Ronnie talked about his family from Illinois (my Grandma Zela was also from there) and how the farmsteaded in the old days in North Dakota.  I had a great time.
As always, Ed's mom, dad and family are great.  After 16 years, I shouldn't be surprise how wonderful everyone was - but I was touched.  It was heartwarming - and lets face it, I am a hard bitter soul sometimes.
The picture below is Don and Jo and their boys.  It was at the end of a great time.  Faith Marie missed the fun (and was missed).


Anonymous said...

This why we have Rib Fest. 8 wonderful people. Thanks

Joc said...

That's the gazebo I want!!! Oh, sorry... So glad you had a nice time with all the fam!