Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Death Takes A Holiday (and Julian Ovenden soars!)

This week-end we saw a preview of the new musical, Death Takes A Holiday.  More the Fredrich March version instead of the Brad Pitt Meet Joe Black version, but same idea.

In this case Death was played (and sung) by Julian Ovenden.  He isa British singer with a knock out of a voice.
Personally, I thought the show was a little to Phantom of the Opera-ish for me - but I appear to be in the minority.  Most everyone loved it, including Perron, Eddie and Simon.  It was a nicely done piece, impressive production values and great costumes.
But for me, by far the best part was Mr. Ovenden's voice.  He had a Tenor (I think) and it was clear and wonderful.  NO knock you out songs, but I bet some would linger if you had the music.
Mr. Ovenden as Death in white.