Sunday, July 03, 2011

So a Couple Plays

Well, we have company and went to see a couple of plays recently.
Friday night we went and saw Daniel Radcliff in "How To Succeed in Business..."
Young Mr. Radcliff was excellent - or, at the very least, really good and worked his little heart out.  The show was kind of chock a block AND disappointed in the first half.  But the second half picked up and was redeemed itself.
Honestly,I thought part of the problem was they paid so much attention to having Daniel Radcliff learn to sing and dance, they didn't put much emotion into him at the heart of the show.  And, I have to think it was the direction, because he was amazing last year in Eqqus.  Plus if he can make you believe he is a wizard, he's got to have some acting chops.
Then, last night, we all had some drinks and fun with Simon and some friends of his from Florida & LA.  Then Perron and I went to see "One Arm", an unproduced Tennessee William's screenplay - turned into a play about a Navy Boxer.  The man losese his arm in a car crash, and with that his sense of self.  He ends up being a hustler who kills a porn director.  The show is a FlashBack from the jail cell, before he goes to the electric chair.  It was Tennesse William's in all his tragic glory, but way to racy to be filmed in the 50s.
It was excellent.


New critic from Wisconsin said...

From script (tragic on every level per T. Williams) to staging (simple and clever), this one was a winner. Few, if any, in the cast were underutilized or underperforming.

Glad we were there as the "curtain" (there wasn't one) fell for the last time on this run of the play.

World News Trend said...

Daniel Radcliffe Weird Gift's Fear !!