Friday, July 22, 2011

A Strange and Separate People

So last night some friends and I went to see "A Strange & Separate People" right down the block.  It was at the smallest of the Theatre Row theaters down the block.  I think that the theaters there, often without amplification, are cool to see a show in.
It was about an Orthodox Jewish love triangle - but that is way to simplistic.  It was written a little to literally in places (why interact when you can just tell the audience what to feel) - but it was skillfully done. I had a good time.  I loved the performances, particularly the wife who ran a home, a kosher catering service and dealt with an extremely autistic child (never seen - but heard).  She did a great job in hitting all kinds of emotion notes, often conflicting in the course of a paragraph.
Okay, one thing, the lead convert was suppose to be dramatically handsome or at least very handsome.  And he wasn't at all my type.  A little too Side-Show Bob, he could have done with a haircut and it would have all been believable   It isn't fair, but if the show refers to how handsome someone is and it comes from different people, confirm to traditional standards of looks - or cut the lines.  And his handsomeness must be part of his allure, because he is a prat.