Thursday, January 26, 2012

Did you see "Touch" last night?

So Tivo on-line gave me the heads up I should watch Touch.  And last night, a dead night of TV reruns - Eddie and I were just watching the tube and at 9:00 it wanted to chance to "Touch" on Fox.  Well, we finished watching what we were watching (Suburgatory - eh).. and thought we would watch some of Touch and zoom through the commercials.
It was weird and cool and intense and tied up all the strings, but not in a neat bow - which was cool.  I liked it. The kid is very good.  And Keifer Sutherland (isn't "Keifer" some kind of yogurt drink?)...  Anyway, Keifer was great and it was interesting to see him as not a kick ass guy.
It is back on March 19th (which is 318 + 1, but it only makes sense if you saw the show).  Tivo it, it is worthwhile.

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Joc said...

I, too, got the heads up from TiVo and recorded it, and like you, found nothing on last night so watched it. Still have Suburgatory to watch.

I really liked it, and didn't think I would. It may be hard to keep up that good writing. And the kid is amazing.

The blooper on the lotto ticket - date was Friday, March 16 (in case you need a reminder, that's my birthday), followed by the comment "next drawing on Saturday".

Kiefer (not Keifer) is not the same as Kefir, though, to answer your question. I give Kefir to Charlie if he has to be on antibiotics - it's better than yogurt. Aren't you glad you asked?