Friday, January 27, 2012

Posters of Chicago Transit

Imprint Magazine (via Salon) has an amazing article all about the posters from the Chicago Transit system in the 20's.
The main thrust of the article is that Chicago, for a while, had artists and ideas that rivaled the beautiful posters of the London Tube system.  Most people who enjoy poster or transit art are familiar with the posters of the Tube destinations.  The are gorgeous.  But this article shows that many of the Chicago posters were just as rich, just as beautiful and as divergent stylistically as anything London did.
Great article.

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Vacation Planner from Wisconsin said...

Chicago was and still is a GREAT city. (sidebar: FU USOC for f'in up Chicago's bid for 2016 Olympiad) and Ed need to meet Mary and me in "The Windy City" sometime this Spring/Summer. Architecture gallore, great food, cocktails, art, shows, etc. Something for everyone.