Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Status + 3 Weeks

It's not the Librium.
216.0 lbs.
"It's not the Librium" is an homage to my Grandfather, arguable a great and crazy guy.  He was manic / depressive back before it was called bi-polar, and the proscribed Librium.  When he took his meds, he was sane - but he was convinced they made him fat.  So he would not take it.
It had no effect on his weight.  This same sentence could be made by me know, except I was blaming it on the Efexor.  Well, I cut from 225 to 150 to 75.  No effect.  Today I switched to Prozac, to complete my Efexor weaning.  I am doing it for the blood pressure, but thought it might effect my weight as well.

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