Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Surprisingly Touched

So I took Trevor to the last day of Pets At Play today.
Now we have been going for about 4 years - Eddie gets the whole store an "edible bouquet" at Christmas.  We know them, but I didn't expect a big deal.
They are a mess.  The guys that took Trevor out back gave me a hug.  The reception guy shook my hand and said, "Good luck to you three guys.  You've been..." And then he turned away crying.
I was verklempt.


Whimpering in Wisconsin said...


This is so sad. I wonder what Trevor thinks of the whole thing. You know he knows something is going on. Have you found a new place for the Trevinator to go?

Scott said...

Yes, the Trev-ster has a new Tuesday home. Hells Kitchen Groom Room (where Trev gets his hair clipped) has a new pet sitting service for smallish dogs. Don't tell Trevor he is smallish, but he is.
Anyway, he will be going there starting next Tuesday.