Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why I Didn't Watch the State of the Union

So, I couldn't bring myself to watch the State of the Union.  Not because I don't like President Obama, I do.  But because of a comment made by Andrew Sullivan - a writer I respect.
Andrew commented that President Obama should (paraphrasing) "...embrace Tax Reform - and it is something that the Republicans can get behind and they can work together on it."
And I thought, Good God Man - what planet have you been living - and where can I get the drugs to join you? President Obama couldn't get the Republicans to agree to pass a law that this is year 2012.  (What about Chinese Years?  You hate Israel, because the the Jewish Year isn't 2012 - which just proves you are a Muslim. Just like Obama to celebrate Jesus' death (yes I know that AD isn't "after death", but my guess is that Rush would spin it that way anyway.)).
And I was made overwhelmingly sad that no matter what Obama says, it will be cast as a chance for pundits to talk about scoring points,
- and what was Gingrinch's reaction,
- and what the rebuttal is (which is written before the State of the Union is delivered, so not so much a rebuttal as a Saturday Night Live Point / CounterPoint argument),
- and what would Mittens have said.
- and who didn't stand up.
- and why was the President so Orange (actually that was Ed.)
And I decided I had to check out of the madness for the evening.

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