Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ah.. the joys of "weather"

Have I explained yet that I hate weather.  Really.
People who come to LA complain that there is "no weather".  It is always sunny (with low clouds at the beach that will burn off after noon) and reasonably warm.
Damn straight!  It's ALWAYS not a factor (except Santa Ana Fire Weather or Earthquake Weather - but both make for crazy good times out - so that's okay).
Today Eddie learned yet another joy of "weather".  In his brand new BMW all 4 of his tire monitors went off.  Low pressure warning - and the book said "Don't Drive It!".
He took it to the shop this morning and it turns out ... weather.  You see, since we have owned a car, the new tire monitor systems have gone into production.  AND (I found out this morning) tires lose 1 psi per 10 degrees (they weren't clear if it was 10 degrees C or F, but it hardly matters - it's ten units of weather).

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Tired in Wisconsin said...

My truck has that "feature" - Freaked me out at first too, but now it just pisses me off a couple times each Fall and each Spring.