Saturday, February 18, 2012

From Sulu (George Taki's) Facebook Page


Clueless in Wisconsin said...

I don't get it....Seriously...I don't get it.

Fuzzy Monday in Wisconsin said...

OK - NOW I get it. It's Putin...on a ritz. Again...Putin....on a Ritz. A Ritz with Putin on it. Putin, is on a in the cracker. I GET IT!!!!!

I'm blaming Monday morning.

Live Long & Prosper in Wisconsin said...

Actually, it was the whole Shatner on Broadway and Sulu reference. I seriously asked myself...what does Putin have to do with Shatner and Sulu and Star Trek...and COMPLETELY overlooked the cracker.

By the way: We need more art in our schools. No wonder people think Martha Graham is a snack cracker.