Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Fuck You Susan G. Komen Foundation

This is Lauren Pfau.
Sorry, this WAS Lauren Pfau.  She died of breast cancer.  The same disease the the Susan G. Komen Foundation was supposed to fight.  Last year 170,000 were treated and screened for Breast Cancer through low cost / free services from Planned Parenthood.
But not this year.  This year a right wing bitch turned off all that funding.  Because women who marched, men who raised money, children that donated piggy banks mean nothing.  Nothing compared to a Bitch Vice President who wants to make a point.  To prove a point!   Well, congratulations Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research, point proved.  You care more about scored right wing points that saving lives.
So, in total memory of my best friend Lauren Pfau, I say a heartfelt Fuck You.
Me (younger) and Lauren (alive)

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Anonymous said...

I see your "fuck you" and raise you "you suck" -- I miss Lauren too.