Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why Stop of Religious Grounds - Why not any old prejudice? That's the Ticket!

Roy Blunt - surrounded by Republican senators...
In the latest show of true hatred towards eveyone that isn't a fat old white man, Senator Roy Blunt has introduced an amendment that would allow ANY employer to deny ANY health coverage - based on their personal or religious convictions. (Read it and weep.)
You don't approve of Birth Control - don't have to supply it.  Citibank doesn't  believe Single women should have kids?; they don't have to pay for it.  Pfizer doesn't believe gay people should have kids?, don't have to pay for a gay woman to give birth?  State of Virginia's Department of Education doesn't belive interracial married families should have kids?  Don't have to pay for child birth OR contraception!  A win win.
There is a reason he isn't called Roy Subtle!

The measure, proposed by Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) would amend the Affordable Care Act to allow any employer to exclude any health service coverage, no matter how critical or basic, by claiming that it violates their religious or moral convictions. Moreover, according to the National Women's Law Center, the amendment would remove critical non-discrimination protections from the Affordable Care Act. For instance, an insurer could deny maternity care coverage to a same-sex couple, an interracial couple or a single woman for religious or moral reasons.

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