Monday, February 13, 2012

Samoa Won In a Last Gasp over the All Blacks

So, yesterday, Eddie and I were watching the finals of the Rugby 7s.  Samoa, the underdog took a quick lead and held it to the almost end, when the Kiwi All Blacks tied it up.  But Samoa had the ball when the whistle blew - and in Rugby 7s, the play continues until a change of possession.
And Samoa took it all the way down to score.  It was great fun - and I don't even care that much about International Rugby 7s.
But I have to say, the time length (7 minutes a half in prelims and 10 minutes a half in the finals) is perfect for my attention span.

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John Gray said...

in relation to your previous post....I thought Maid In Manhattan was soo bad it was good!!!!!!!!!!!!!