Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Some Bahama's Pictures

Paradise Island in the rear view as we go to the Dolphins (that is the Waterous house in the middle)

Here are some other Bahamas Pictures, all can be selected to show in full size.
My Eddie relaxing on the beach

Len and Jane's pups - with a picture Jane painted (and I LOVE) above.
Dobby & Wasabi

Delicious fish at the local food stretch;
The whole group is called "The Fish Fry"

Our hotel.  We were the left-most cabin
Funny story about our hotel - Compass Point.  It was owned before by the founder of Island Records (Bob Marley and U2 discoverer).  He brought people to stay here -and they recorded in a studio across the street. There was a plaque in our room that Grace Jones used to stay in our cabin.

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