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I Had to Rant.. move along

It's my blog and this is for me.
I don't like Ken Mehlman
And this article makes me really dislike him more.  I didn't actually knwo that was possible.  Go figure.

Few political figures in contemporary politics embody America’s transformation on same-sex marriage as much as Mehlman.
Well, I tend to think many figures embody this “transformation”.  It is a simple twist in the wind because the times have changed.  Be it same-sex marriage now, or civil rights by George Wallace, or anti-Iraq war by Hillary Clinton (who I still love).  Political animals will turn which ever way buys them admiration, votes or nice big fat board-ships at a Private Equity firms.  Their hateful, mean, nasty past performances swept under the rug as they have “seen the light”.  They don’t care who they hurt, as long as they get ahead now.
After years of whisper campaigns about his sexual orientation, as well as personal criticism for managing Bush’s reelection, Mehlman announced in 2010 that he is gay; since then, despite taking flak from both right and left, he has fought on behalf of equality.
Well, this is a pretty self-serving paragraph isn’t it?  I hope some got some sort of kick back for this.
 “Whisper campaigns”… sounds so, insidious.  He was asked if he was gay and said no.  There were no “whisper campaigns”, everyone knew he was gay because he had been promiscuous.  Those of us who knew he was gay couldn’t believe he demonized us in the press.  That isn’t a “whisper campaign”, that is pointing out hypocrisy within an administration who demonized gay men as child abusers, predators and (famously) equivalent to man-on-dog sex perverts- and yet has a reelection campaign manager who, per your own propaganda, is a poodle screwing deviant.
As for taking flak from the “left”.  Boo-de-fucking-hoo.  He used my rights as a wedge issue to get George Bush re-elected, because he and Karl Rove were afraid Bush the Younger wouldn’t be re-elected on his own merits.
As for taking flak from the right.  Big-fucking-surprise.  If you LEAD a campaign that says fags are evil – you don’t get the free pass when you come out as a homo.
When I asked Mehlman, a partner at a New York private equity firm…
A "partner at a New York private equity firm."  Nice work for an unqualified hack.  Oh wait, he worked for the man who arraigned the Wall Street Bail-Out.  I take back “unqualified hack” and replace it with "well connected Corporate Welfare Hack".
… to handicap gay marriage as a state and national political-electoral issue today, he said: “Most polls now show that a majority of Americans support gay marriage. What you see in Maryland and Washington, and states like New York earlier, is a reflection of politicians representing their constituents.”
And in New Jersey too...
.  Oh wait, in that state a Republican Governor veto’ed the “reflection of politicians representing their constituents” to save his Republican political ambitions.  Maybe he will come out later, like Ken Melhman, as the great Republican savior of gay rights.  You know, when it is politically convienent or he needs a partnership in a New York private equity firm.
As for his role in the 2004 Bush campaign and its exploitation of marital politics, Mehlman is  candid — and remorseful.
“At a personal level, I wish I had spoken out against the effort,” he says….
“I wish I had spoken out against the effort.”  You call that candid?  Are you fucking serious? SERIOUSLY!?  Ken Mehlman SPEARHEADED  the “effort.”  This is like BP saying, “We wish we had spoken out against off-shore drilling.”  It is like Harvey Weinstein saying, “I wish I had spoken out against excessive Oscar campaigning.”  It is like Barak Obama saying, “I wish I had spoken out against Universal Healthcare.”  He doesn’t regret he DID it, he regrets he didn’t SPEAK OUT against what he was doing?  My head wants to explode!
 “As I’ve been involved in the fight for marriage equality, one of the things I’ve learned is how many people were harmed by the campaigns in which I was involved.
“One of the things I’ve learned...” He has learned this because he wants a big fat pay check from faggots, and maybe a little sex on the side.  He didn’t have to wait until he fought for marriage equality.  He could have “learned” this amazing discovery if he pulled his head out of his ass when he was running Bush The Younger’s campaign.  I can go through articles about hate crimes, dead kids who committed suicide rather than face the hate that he and his minions stirred up.  A 2 year old “learns” that the hateful awful things they do cause pain. Functioning adults "learn" that there actions have repercussions long before they lead the National Republican Party.
Ken says “learned” like he sought out this information.  Perhaps a better word is to acknowledge, or admit or own up to but to say “learn” is disingenuous in the extreme.
“I apologize to them and tell them I am sorry. While there have been recent victories, this could still be a long struggle in which there will be setbacks, and I’ll do my part to be helpful.”
Dr. Laura says that for an apology to be sincere, it should be honest and hearfelt.  I believe that it is heartfelt.  I believe that Ken Mehlmen is sorry.  But I don’t believe that his apology is honest because he doesn’t acknowledge the truth of his part on what happened.  
By the by, it isn’t important to me that he apologies.  I am not asking for it.  I am not waiting for it.  And it gives me no pleasure. He used my long term monogamous relationship (now 16 years, 6 - 10 years during the height of his Dr. Evil impersonation), he used my relationship to whip up hate, violence and internal strife.  Desiring an apology from a man like this would be pathetic.
I comment only because he is apologizing. But if he wants to give an apology at least make this one honest.

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