Friday, May 11, 2012

So much wrong at the Theater tonight

So tonight I went to see The Lyons with Linda Lavin, who was nominated for a Tony for this show.  It is a pretty funny, but very very black comedy.  Now me, I love me some black comedy.  Others people often find it uncomfortable, or not funny.  For example, War of the Roses is kind of my favorite Christmas movie...  And The Lyons make War of the Roses look like It's a Wonderful Life.
But something at half time (intermission) was wrong wrong wrong.
I saw someone in Dockers and these "shoes".  Hell in a hand basket.
Who gets up and says, "Yeah, these are rocking!"

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Joc said...

Was that a woman or a man? And how did you get a pic without them noticing? And... Eww.