Thursday, June 28, 2012

It is a TAX only if you don't have Health insurance

I have no faith in the pro-Health Care people to get in front of this.  The Supreme Court has essentially said the Mandate is legal as a Tax.
The first comment I heard from someone across from me in a cube (a smart young lady with a college degree) was "great, another tax".
It isn't a new tax on people for Health Care!
There is ONLY a tax penalty IF you don't have Health Insurance.  She (and most everyone else at my company) have Health Insurance through work.  So the pro-Health Care message has to be that there is no penalty for currently insured people (including Medicare, Medicad, etc.).  People are only taxed if they DON'T have Health Care.
I see the spin coming a like a twister...


Devil in the Details in Wisconsin said...

...and from what I understand...folks only get the tax if they basically refuse to use all the resources being made available to them to get health care insurance on their own at cheap rates and through govt. subsidies. So basically...if you give a big F.U. to any kind of health care then you get the tax penalty - and you should also get a moron tax penalty.

I sure hope you clarified the law for the nice young gal in your office.

lisa said...

Help - what was the SC ruling on immigration this week??

Anonymous said...

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