Monday, July 09, 2012

How do Atheletes in Track and Field Get into the Olympics

I have often wondered HOW they decide who is invited to the Olympics.  Turns out it isn't completely complicated.  There are 2 qualifying times, "A" time and "B" time, and the International Athletics Federation tracks people's time different certified meets.  Of course, in case with throws it "distance" not "time", but generally you get the idea.
You (as Country X) can send up to 1, 2 or 3 athletes if they all meet the "A" time. If none of Country X's athletes meet the "A:" time, but a few meet the "B" time, you may send any one (1) of those athletes that meets the "B" time.  If you are a country that has no athletes that meet either time, you can send a single athlete in each event.
If you want to know what the A and B bars are set at, here they are (from Wikipedia):

Men's EventsWomen's Events
EventMen's AMen's BEventWomen's AWomen's B
Men's 100 metres10.1810.24Women's 100 metres11.2911.38
Men's 200 metres20.5520.65Women's 200 metres23.1023.30
Men's 400 metres45.3045.90Women's 400 metres51.5552.35
Men's 800 metres1:45.601:46.30Women's 800 metres1:59.902:01.30
Men's 1500 metres3:35.503:38.00Women's 1500 metres4:06.004:08.90
Men's 5000 metres13:20.0013:27.00Women's 5000 metres15:20.0015:30.00
Men's 10,000 metres27:45.0028:05.00Women's 10,000 metres31:45.0032:10.00
Men's Marathon2:15:002:18:00Women's Marathon2:37:002:43:00
Men's 3000 Steeplechase8:23.108:32.00Women's 3000 Steeplechase9:43.009:48.00
Men's 110 metres Hurdles13.5213.60Women's 100 metres Hurdles12.9613.15
Men's 400 metres Hurdles49.5049.80Women's 400 metres Hurdles55.5056.65
Men's High Jump2.312.28Women's High Jump1.951.92
Men's Pole Vault5.725.60Women's Pole Vault4.504.40
Men's Long Jump8.208.10Women's Long Jump6.756.65
Men's Triple Jump17.2016.85Women's Triple Jump14.3014.10
Men's Shot Put20.5020.00Women's Shot Put18.3017.20
Men's Discus Throw65.0063.00Women's Discus Throw62.0059.50
Men's Hammer Throw78.0074.00Women's Hammer Throw71.5069.00
Men's Javelin Throw82.0079.50Women's Javelin Throw61.0059.00
Men's Decathlon82007950Women's Heptathlon61505950
Men's 20 kilometres walk1:22:301:24:30Women's 20 kilometres walk1:33:301:38:00
Men's 50 kilometres walk3:59:004:09:00---
Men's 4x100 metres relayTop 16 TeamsWomen's 4x100 metres relayTop 16 Teams
Men's 4x400 metres relayTop 16 TeamsWomen's 4x400 metres relayTop 16 Teams

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