Friday, July 20, 2012

Hungary's Zoltan Kovago: That Can't Be Good For Your Back!

Doesn't this look painful?
But Zoltan does make it look easier.

Zoltan Kovago competes in a harsh sport (to me) - the discus.
All I can see is someone throwing their back out.  But Zoltan has competed in this sport for a while, and is peaking again at the right time.
In 2004 Zoltan won a silver Medal at the Athens Olympics.  In 2011 he threw the longest throw in the world!.  Zoltan is gearing up for the London Olympics where he will once again represent Hungary.
Zoltan is da Man in this event.

Plus, I love the name Zoltan!  I went to college with Zoltan Pali - whose parents escaped Hungary in 1956.  Funny story - he is now a famous LA Architect.

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