Sunday, July 08, 2012

New York: Where Authors I love intersect with Reality

One of the first "complex" books I remember reading was Ragtime by EL Doctorow.  And by "complex", I mean non-Science Fiction that held numerous story lines that merged, melded, unjoined and resolved differently.
I never saw the musical, mainly because there is no way it would hold up to the book in my brain.  But one thing I remember was the story of Stanford White, a famous architect killed by a jealous husband who then went through the "trial of the century" very early in the 1900s (1906 according to Wikipedia whom I just checked).
For me, Stanford White was just a name an back story to Ragtime, until I moved to New York.  But this city is full of Stanford White's buildings.  Today, in the New York Times, it turns out the "Real Estate Sale of the Week" concerns one of his houses, completed in 1907 (by which time both the architect and the patron had died - the patron's heirs enjoyed the house).  The house - most recently the site of the French Consulate - was sold last week for $42 million.
973 and 971 5th Ave.  Henry Cook's Mansion - now 971 is the French Consulate
Another house by Stanford White 
Washington Sq. Park's Arch.  Designed by Stanford White and built in 1892.

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