Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Poland Men's Volleyball: Bartosz Kurek

On their World Championship Win
The are Poster Boys in Poland
Any number of the Polish Men's Volleyball players could be our Olympic Athlete today.  The Polish Men's Team won the World Championships - which moved their rating up to #3.  Brazil is #1, Russia #2  - USA is #6, by the by...
I do like Men's Volleyball, but that is because I am from LA in general and UCLA in particular.  UCLA has won 19 National Men's titles.  And in 1984 I knew quite a few of the Men's Team players (they won the Gold Medal baby!) from both UCLA and my year at USC.  Dusty Devorak was the legendary setter and we lived on the same floor in the dorms.  He was a great guy.  (Not above looking for a lost contact when he needed a break, but a nice guy).
So, I choose Bartosz Kurek, hitter of the Polish Men's Volleyball Team as player of the day.
Bartosz slams and scores

Dusty Dvorak setting Steve Timmons (USC sets UCLA) at the Olympics.
I had floor seats for this bad boy!

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Setter from Wisconsin said...

Hey - I "dig" volleyball too. Back in the day at UW-M I played with the club team on campus and enjoyed setting it up for all the J's (Jaime, Jose, Javier, Juan). Cal and Mike were big hitters too. I bet you can't guess which dudes were from Puerto Rico, Argentina, Mexico,and Guatamala. Hint (not Cal and Mike). The game is totally different now and I'm 5'7" on a tall day so I doubt they'd let me in the gym today (not to mention - I'm old). Oh how I long for the days of my Yute when I had the good hops and could hit around a block and down the line.