Saturday, September 22, 2012

Our Latest National Monument: Chimney Rock

Sometimes naked politics is bi-partisan - AND a good thing.
President Obama has just created the latest National Monument, Chimney Rock National Monument in Colorado.  The bill was put forward by many in the Colorado delegation (including the local Representative - a Republican, Scott Tipton and the Democratic Senator, Michael Bennet), but like everything else in Congress it was stuck in the La Brea Tar Pits that is swallowing our government.
So, the Republican Congressman (Scott Tipton) from the district who wants to get re-elected spoke with the Democratic President who wants to get re-elected.  And, the administration can designate National Monuments if the site had been a National Historic Area (via the 1906 Antiquities Act).  Chimney Rock has been a National Historic Site for years due to it's historical importance to the Pueblo Indians.
So we now have 103 National Monuments.  Full Story

I have to admit, growing up visiting National Parks and Monuments all California - I LOVE the desert / high desert landscape.  There is a majesty to the wilderness that calls to me.  (Granted, calls me to hike, then spend the night in a hotel - but calls none the less.)

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