Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I Feel a Little Dumb

I woke up at 3AM feeling a little stupid this morning.
I have let myself be suckered into election arguments that I should be smarter than.  We are having a huge debate around obscure and minor issues (in the big scheme of life).
Should we have the Defense Budget of the next 28 countries combined, or next 26 countries combined?
Should we have a 39% tax rate for millionaires or a 35% tax rate for millionaires?
Should we start taxing inheritances at $2Million, $5 Million or never?

It's all a little bullshit.  Or Bread & Circuses - if you prefer.
We aren't talking about Big Bank Bailouts...
... even though those "to big to fail" are bigger.
We aren't talking about foreclosures
... even though cities are stagnating.
We talking about little shit and getting crazy about it.  And I bought into it.

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