Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sweetest Story... In Weeks!!!

(Full Story at the NY Times)
A 234-pound orphaned walrus will arrive at the New York Aquarium in Brooklyn on Thursday after an improbable journey from Alaska. Mitik, the walrus calf, was shipped from Alaska in a crate the size of a FedEx cargo jet and was accompanied by a veterinarian and a handler. Only a few aquariums in the country even exhibit walruses. Mitik will join 30-year-old Nuka and 17-year-old Kulu at the Coney Island facility.

The full story tells he was found at sea, was so ill he wouldn't even feed from a bottle and couldn't pee. After weeks in an Alaska facility for rescued animals, he is healthy enough to move to the New York aquarium, which is one of the few places that can show walrus(es) - AND they need another for the social animals!

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