Thursday, November 15, 2012

Israel & Gaza move towards war... again

BBC News Story (LINK) Housing destroyed is in Israel
File under "intractable".
Rockets from Gaza (NBC News)
So there are rockets being fired into Israel from Gaza.  Israel blames Hamas, which controls Gaza.  This makes political sense (but not actual sense) since Hamas is the ruling party in Gaza - and both the US and Israel consider them terrorists unfit to talk to.
However, in point of fact, the day to day running of Gaza has moderated Hamas.  They no longer insistent on Israel's destruction, and have entered into talks with Israel.
And so, as it happens in hate, more radical groups have risen and they are shooting rockets into Israel.
Israels take cover during warning (NBC News)
After multiple rocket attacks, Israel responded.  They sent rockets into Gaza and assassinated the Military Head of Hamas.  Not only did they assassinate him, they posted the video on youtube and told the rest of Hamas leadership not so show their heads above ground.
While this is probably satisfying, it doesn't really leave anyone for Israel to talk to.  Hamas had actually been moving towards talks with Israel.  The radicals will respond, and now Hamas cannot even talk with Israel.
It is easy for me to say "Don't kill Hamas leaders", but in Israel people are dying and a response is required.  Now in Gaza people are dying and a response will probably come back.
A Palestinian BBC worker holds his dead son after an attack
(NBC News)

A still from the YouTube video Israel released of the assassination of
Hamas' Ahmed Said Khalil al-Jabar - whom Israel held responsible for the attacks

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