Friday, November 02, 2012

Mascot of the Month: Ben Whishaw

Ben Whishaw, one of the many stars of Cloud Atlas
This month's mascot is Ben Whishaw.  He is an amazing actor, whom I have never been let down by.
Ben as Robert Frobisher in one of the Cloud Atlas posters.
The most obvious reason for picking him this month is his role in "Cloud Atlas".  He plays composer and lay-about Robert Frobisher - the writer of the "Cloud Atlas Sextet", the piece of music that plays through the various plots.
Composing with Jim Broadbent

He has done a lot of work in England, and the BBC showed the TV Mini-series "The Hour" recently.
Ben in "The Hour"
He has also done theater work in London.  One of the plays made it here to the states in 2010 - "The Pride", and I saw it.  He was amazing.  He's a waif of a boy, but amazing actor.
With Hugh Dancy in "The Pride".  If you know how small Hugh is...
..well, you can imagine the slightness of Ben Whishaw

Next up for him is the new "Q" in the James Bond film Skyfall.
As Q
Young Mr. Whishaw is so talented, it's amazing.

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lisa said...

I am seeing him with Judy Dench in the westend for my birthday in Peter and Alice - check it out!