Thursday, December 06, 2012

Coaches, Teams and ...Yay!

Well, since it is my blog, I am starting with Jim Mora and the UCLA Bruins.
Jim was an interesting, unusual and risky pick for the Bruins as their head coach.  On the one hand (the bad hand) he never coached at the college level, was a few years away from coaching at all and was a pretty unknown quantity.  On the other hand (the good hand) he made the right moves in assistant coaching, seemed to do a fine job at recruiting and was working to bring a good attitude to the team.
And then the year came.  He did a great job.  Moving a mediocre UCLA team into a contender status from day 1.  And, to quote Crazy Lips Zellwiger, "You had me at Hello.. UCLA 38 - USC 28 - you big lug!"
He did a great job with a young team, a red-shirt freshman quarterback and well... who cares.  He beat USC and most other teams (Stanford, on the other hand - not so much).  So we are going to a good bowl and life is cool.
Over at Wisconsin, I was always a little envious of their coaching transition from Alverez to Bret Beliema.  It was easy and Beliema seemed to do a great job.  They are going to their 3rd straight Rose Bowl.  But with big wins comes big pressure, and Beliema wasn't doing as good as the Badgers expected.

Then, last week, he skedaddled to Arkansas.  Well Barry Alverez, he of legendary fame, decided today to come back and coach the Rose Bowl as they search for a new Badger head coach.  If they win, it will be a great ride-to-the-rescue, if they lose it will be that RazorBack Beliema's fault.  Kind of a no lose proposition.  But they play Stanford.  Watch out, I say.  Those are some shifty trees.
The Stanford Tree

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Prognosticator from Wisconsin said...

Let's hope it's a "no lose" situation all around:

Wisconsin: 28
Stanford: 24

Go Badgers!