Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pic of the Day: Sept 12 Details

Life is full of surprising details.  Sometimes you just need to stop and look at them.  This is a sign on a building on a New York street.  95 out of 100 people just walk by.  But if you stop, for a moment, and take a picture of it - more people stop.  And these new people, they point out the details to more people until you have a group looking at something they have walked by for years.
And the crowd dissipates and the details falls back into silence.
It's cool.  There is beauty all over - you have to look for it.
It's not just the King and servant here.  Look at the detail of the types of leaves and flowers around the clock.  It's lovely and, where it is placed, mostly unseen.  How much does the creator of this believe in quality to build something so beautiful, but yet so hard to see?

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