Thursday, October 24, 2013

This is misleading: she tested NEGATIVE for drugs

Actually, this is misleading.  I get putting addicts in a treatment facility.  However read the story (full story here), and you will see this young lady did not test positive for drugs.
During a routine screening, she was honest at the doctor's and said she had, in the year before she was pregnant, done drugs and got off them.  She tested clean - AND she had offered the information without and coercion.  Just a good prenatal visit.

The doctor didn't believe her - despite the drug test - and the Wisconsin Police forcibly took her and locked her in a treatment facility.
If this happened in say, Russia or Pakistan, we would be on our high horse about women's rights.  But here we assume the Police State was right.  I must say, America's Dairyland has gone way over the edge on women's rights (they also refused Medicare expansion for poor people, and have imposed some serious abortion restrictions).

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