Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Don't know if you go to NBC News, but it is scary now... used to be and it was a simple, easy to use news site.  Even after ditching the MS portion and becoming only it was a fine site.
Comcast has decided it isn't sexy or confusing enough so they have redesigned it as a cross between The Daily Beast & an eleven year old girl's wet dream (with apologies to any offended 11 year old girls out there ).  I expect either pop-ups from a random porno site or Justin Beiber's latest album with little hearts on it to show up at any second.
I loath it.
Actual Screen Capture from the splash page (front page) of the new and "improved"
I would assume that truth in advertising would prohibit labeling this a "news" site, but the internet is a free-for-all I suppose.  LINK (if you dare!)
Oh snap!  There is a Beiber there!!!!  Sweet.

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