Friday, February 07, 2014

Our Attention Deficit Memories

This headline takes me back....

Now a terrorist attack might change it this... But in general the run up to "disaster" is always washed away in the games themselves.  As it should be.  Remember these Golden Oldies from days gone by....
2004 Athens... They were never going to be ready

2008 Beijing... Was going to be dominated by news of Tibet and Human Rights Violations

London 2012... Mitt idiotically repeating Media (Fox and Liberal) News Wisdom

Salt Lake City .. Mitt's own Olympics were going to be swallowed by scandal...

Even Vancouver!  Remember the "no snow" disaster (remind you of Sochi news much?)
I'm not saying Putin is great, or Sochi is a paradise.  But I am saying, the hand wringing occurs because that is what the media, people and (particularly) the internet does - it whinges until it forgets.  And it forgets in about a day.

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