Monday, April 07, 2014

My oh my oh Mormon

So, last week the Mormon’s updated scripture.  This, FYI, isn’t all that unusual.  The Head of the Church is the “Living Profit” – kind of like the Pope but with a standing One-On-One.  This last week, the Living Profit changed scripture on all good Mormons getting their own planet.  Now he hedged his bets.
It is not necessary that ever good Mormon get his own planet.  It is more that every good Mormon graduates to get God-like qualities in the afterlife.  Not all of those may want their own planet.  As a matter of fact, the whole planet thing is downplayed.  
Now you still become god-like, so you could make your own planet if you want to.
In other Mormon news, any sex outside of marriage is a sin, and gays still can’t get married. (This leaves you in a pickle).  But Mormon Gays that have come out – married or not – are struggling with their faith and they are to be loved and respected. This is actually a pretty significant shift for the church that once planned to use anti-Gay Marriage backing to become more “respectable” in the eyes of the public.  It turns out that being a huge backer of Prop 8 made gays and people with gay family members (both in and out of the church) pretty much furious – and didn’t really help their standing with non-Mormon Christians.
AND, women still can’t be in the Priesthood; there was a lot of thought that this would be changed, just like African Heritage Men are now allowed in the Priesthood – despite still be stained by sin.

So God is thinking on this whole gay thing.  Which is always encouraging (to me and my husband).


Anonymous said...

Not every good Mormon got their own planet in the old doctrine. Only good male Mormons. Women only got what is proffered to them by their "spiritual head" which is their husband or male family members. Because, while God loves the LDS ladies, He doesn't love them as quite much as the men. --svh

Scott said...

Well of course, what good is a bunch of wives if they each get their own planet. See, backwards thinking is why you don't get your own planet Missy.