Monday, June 29, 2015

I'm Back: With Much Too Say - But first these pictures from Istanbul Day 1

I really do love Istanbul.  It is a great and beautiful city.  The people are wonderful.  Yes the government is a little heavy handed, but they just lost an elections, and it doesn't seem to be heading towards a coup or anything.
Given that, here are some pictures from Istanbul day 1.  And, oddly, we arrived on the first day of Ramadan!  There was a massive free feast the first night to break the day long fast.  Ramadan, which occurs on the lunar month, is particularly bad in summer.  The last meal before sunup was at 3:45AM.  Observent fasting Muslims were not suppose to eat or drink again until 8:44PM!  That is a lot of time in the heat of the day.
Anyway, here are some day 1 highlights.
The New Mosque with the faithful doing the ritual washing of the feet.

The Interior of the New Mosque.

Some detail on the side walls and an alcove of the New Mosque

This is the Grand Bazaar - and the Scooter Pose

My Eddie, looking extra handsome outside Hagia Sofia

This is the Mother-in-Law Mosque from the tour bus

The Blue Mosque - after the meal of Ramadan's First night.

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