Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Let Me Say This -> About That


So is it only me?  I will report what the details here say:
A tractor trailer carrying 2,200 pigs overturned on an Ohio highway Monday, lightly injuring the driver’s fiancée and setting the piglets free. More than 300 piglets died and the highway was closed for eight hours as local authorities tried to round up the animals. As many as 1,500 were captured, but officials are not optimistic about recovering them all. “We’ll try as hard as we can, but we probably won’t retrieve them all,” said Fire Chief Dean Fox. “If somebody finds a pig and wants to turn it in, call the local law enforcement and we’ll try to take care of it.”
Now, is it me or is anyone else thinking ...  what exactly was the fiancée "doing" might have contributed to the accident.  I don't hear about bad weather, there was no other car... Might the fiancée been distracting the driver in any method?  Or does my mind just go to the gutter faster than everyone else?

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