Wednesday, July 01, 2015

The Confederate Flag - Yeah I Get It.

I have no problem being civil in the Confederate Flag debate.  I find it offensive, but only in the way that people flying it mean to be offensive intentionally.  That is, people displaying the Confederate Flag are screaming at me to shut up because I am a (deep-breath) West Coast, Liberal, Fag or Fag Appeaser who probably believes in equal rights, global warming and voted for Obama / Clinton / Kerry or Gore.  This is why they display the flag, I get it.
I am not particularly sensitive to it the message, but I understand the message.  Same as I understand the Fish for Jesus, the Darwin Fish for Atheists, the Rainbow for the Gays and the weird cat stickers for the ladies at church.
I used to drive in LA, I get it.
Means: Will drive slow, Wears a sweater in Summers and Will ignore your horn, so go ahead and toot away!
But for many people the Confederate Flag is a little more.  And we should all realize that, no matter what you mean for it to say, it says different things to a different audience.

For many southerns, it is this.  Which is to say, not meant as offensive, just an indicator of heritage, like flying a state flag or College banner.
Party: Nascar Style
College Game Day Flags in the background.

For many younger people, it is this.
Party: Southern Style
But for much of the rest of the country, it is this.  And thought of in the same manner as the Nazi flag.

I am sure Southerns don't mean it to stand for hate.  But, in the same way people complain that Muslim don't condemn terror attacks (even though they really do), "we" never hear southerns say, those assholes that use the flag for hate and they should be condemned.

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